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acid stag vs Mulga the Artist T-Shirts_model |

Interview: Hermitude

author: Alex Milne

Last week we caught up with Luke Dubs from Hermitude to chat about the recent tour, the upcoming album and his potential career as a game designer

Where are you and what are you wearing?
I’m currently in the living room of our recording studio in Glebe in Sydney. I’m wearing Adidas shoes, khaki chinos, a plain grey t-shirt and a watch.

In the blog that you guys wrote of the tour it sounded like you had a lot of contact with the punters, is that normal for when you tour?
It’s hard when you play big festival shows, but when we support touring shows we like to play our set and then go out and chat to people to see what they thought and if they know who we are. We went out most nights, met a bunch of random people and struck up some bizarre conversations. One night we met some Romanian backpacker in Seattle who was a fan.

How does touring in America compare to Australia? Where do you get a better response?
We definitely get a better response here, we aren’t really that well known over there. That was our first national US tour that we’ve done and we were supporting RÜFÜS who has a pretty big following going on, so it was great for us to get in front of their crowd. We would chat to people after the show and they would be like “oh we hadn’t heard of you guys but we really liked it.” I think we won over a few of their fans which was cool.

You started off playing jazz and funk, then were into hip hop and now have a very electronic/dancy sound. How did this change come about, has it been influenced by trends or is it an organic thing?
It’s probably a bit of both, we’ve been into all those genres ever since we started, but we get heavily influenced by what’s currently in music. When we were playing in our acid-jazz funk band in the late 90s it was when Corduroy and Incognito and all this acid-jazz from the UK was getting heaps of traction. Then the whole trip-hop thing started happening in the UK which filtered down to Australia and we got really into that. But we’re also really into hip-hop from when we were back in school and stuff and as the years have gone on a lot of instrumental hip-hop like trip-hop has morphed electronically. Then the states took over in the 2000s with Flying Lotus and that whole LA-beats movement that is still going strong. We take all that on board and it comes out in our music.

Your new track ‘Ukiyo’ has a lot more chilled sound than your earlier work. Can we expect more of this sound from you later down the track?
There’s definitely a bit of that on the next record. We came out with that tune because we had others that were a bit more banging but we thought it was a nice way to come back. We hadn’t put anything out since ‘HyperParadise’ except for a few remixes. All the remixes we’d done were all trappy and festivally and we wanted to come back with something with a bit more attitude because, believe it or not, we used to write really chilled music. We put ‘Ukiyo’ out first to test the waters and see what people thought and it seems to have been really well received. So yeah there’s definitely a bit of that on the next record but also a fair share of party tunes as well.

When you do a remix of a song, what is it about the song that makes you pick it? What do you look for?
Well it helps if you have a bit of admiration for the artist that you’re remixing. We’ve been lucky enough to have that. But also you have to listen to the original song and actually think to yourself “oh yeah I can definitely hear something in there that I can transform or work with or turn into something of our own.” If you hear a track and you really don’t have any ideas off the bat in your own head then it’s going to be a hard slog to get your own remix happening. We usually remix tunes that really spark something in us and have us going ‘oh yeah we could try this’ and then we have a starting point and once we have that we can keep going and turn it into a remix.

At the start of a few of your songs you have these short little sound bites that are kind of strange but are really effective in setting up the feel of the songs, where do you get these from?
That stuff is samples or sounds that we’ve recorded on our own that we put it in there to give it a unique flavour. We go out to stormwater drains in Marickville in Sydney and smack on drums really loudly and record the sound and come back into the studio ad tweak it a bit. That can sometimes be the opening sound for a track that sets the mood and is the kind of sound that no one else has got because we made it ourselves.

You’ve got some songs that have virtually no vocals, and then songs like ‘Speak of the Devil’ that have a lot more. Is the songwriting process different when you’re writing a song with vocals versus without?
I guess the stuff that we do with vocals at the moment we treat like an instrument. With ‘Ukiyo’ we got a vocal sound and just chopped it to pieces and made it a more melodic instrumental line because the words don’t say anything but bring a feeling. A lot of the time we do treat it like an instrument but other times it’s more of a feature vocal. ‘Speak of the Devil’ was more of a vocal category with a chorus as opposed to a melodic line with vocal chop. It had actual words and meaning. On this record that we’re working on at the moment there’s a mix of that stuff. We like to use a voice as an instrument and morph it into some fun sounding thing and then play it on the keyboard. We like getting the vibe of a singer that brings a real story to a song.

If you weren’t musicians, what would you be?
There are so many things. I used to just say either a rally driver or a meteorologist. I reckon an archeologist could be cool. Probably just the digging and Indiana Jones type stuff. Being an architect would be cool. Besides that, making video games would be good. But I probably wouldn’t have a girlfriend or a social life. Although you do see documentaries of married couples who just game and have a game room and just play whatever game they play for like 12 hours a day as a couple. It’s kind of awesome. Those would be my ultimate careers.

You can have the chance to see Hermitude at Beyond The Valley over New Year’s Eve, but you will need to get your tickets asap!

Single Sessions: Volume Thirty two

CYN – We Don’t Try

Tom Misch & Carmody – Paper Planes

Cajsa Siik – Higher

Dead Times – Feel

VCS – Can I Keep U? (ft. Elizabeth Rose)

ALTA – Hold Your Fire

Coleman Hell – Heat Of The Night

Milwaukee Banks x Andrei Eremin – Van Gogh

New Arcades – Wherever You Are

J£ZUS MILLION – If You Forget

Tyson Kraft – XXV [New Single] [Premiere]

Today we get to premiere ‘XXV,’ the latest single from Sydney newcomer Tyson Kraft, a young Aussie producer that is once again showcasing exactly what he has to offer the world of electronic music.

“I started writing XXV a few months back with no real idea of where I wanted to take it. It’s now transformed into a melancholy track with a tropical breakdown, heavy on the vibes with my own vocal samples behind the beat. It’s a mixed bag of all of the stuff I like in music production, from the things and people that influence me the most” – Tyson Kraft

promoted by Mammal Sounds 

You can score a free download of ‘XXV’ now via Tyson Kraft‘s Facebook page, and be sure to follow the man on his social channels to be kept in the loop on his progress. | |

Kim Ann Foxman – It’s All About You / Steal My Secrets [New Music]

‘It’s All About You’ and ‘Steal My Secrets’ is the brand new double-single release from New York City singer and producer Kim Ann Foxman, showcasing both of those skills exquisitely with her hypnotic blends of deep, pulsating beats, wistful loops and her own beguiling vocals.

You can grab a copy of the two-track release over at Kim Ann Foxman‘s newly founded label, Firehouse Records.


Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. (James Blake Remix)

At some point over the past nine years, James Blake produced a skeletal remix of one of the most infamous Gorillaz tracks, the one they did in collaboration with De La Soul which you may remember as, ‘Feel Good Inc.’

Just recently UK producer Rich Reason shared this remix with the world when he included it in a Fabriclive mix, and now we have a solo version of it for you to wrap your ears around.

You can also check out Rich Reason‘s Fabriclive x Hit & Run Mix right here. |

Vincent Coleman – 9 Islands [Album Review + Stream]

author: Carlos Duarte

You know what they say about the quiet ones. They beguile with their demure, inoffensive nature, or, as in the case of Vincent Coleman on 9 Islands, fragile vocals and feather-light synths, before revealing a salacious inner freak that gets the Adina Howard seal of approval.

9 Islands begins with the vanilla essence of ‘Primitive’, a cut brimming with airy, harmonious synths that tenderly carry Coleman’s sweet coos. ‘Freelove’ showcases transcendent harmonies that waft along the earworm hook, while ‘Linear Symmetry’ continues to shine a light on the Vincent’s formidable writing skills.

The musings of life and love begin to darken once ‘Naked Fools’ kicks in. The slow burning, trap flavoured cut fuses steady handclaps with a celestial backing that hypnotizes. Lyrics like “Don’t be afraid to put in work, to take this to a place where it hurts” play on both the physical and emotional aspects of love and things only heat up further once ‘Simmer Down’ kicks into gear. Talk of restraint takes on an order and obey element as Coleman’s R&B tinged timbre weaves in and around the barebones production. ‘Beast’ and ‘Animal’ fluctuate between the docile and dominant, immersing the listener into a primal and decadent realm.

Make no mistake, this nine track set may start off with wistful contemplations of mortality, but the shades of eroticism it reveals excites and intrigues. The exploration of love and lust is expertly handled and creates a record that aches to be experienced.

Rating: ★★★★

Vincent Coleman’s 9 Islands is available now from iTunes. |

HUMP DAY MIXES: ARDIE – Mammal Sounds Christmas Mix

This Friday night we are heading down to Melbourne for the Mammal Sounds Christmas party, and our very own acid stag DJ ARDIE has provided this week’s HUMP DAY mix in lead up to Friday’s shenanigans.

The Mammal Sounds Christmas will be showcasing the talents of Brisbane wunderkid cln, Sydney’s Midnight Pool Party, local Melbourne duo Back Back Forward Punch and Tasmania’s Close Counters.

RSVP here:

Party begins here:

1. Disclosure – White Noise (ft. AlunaGeorge) (cln remix)
2. ODESZA – Say My Name ft. Zyra (Hermitude Remix)
3. Moon Boots – There’s No Love
4. Midnight Pool Party – If You Were Mine (Baby) (Young Franco Remix)
5. Theophilus London – Tribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III) (Bixel Boys Remix)
6. Wunder Wunder – Midnight Hours (Zimmer Remix)
7. Cassian – Running (ft. Cleopold)
8. Gold Fields – Hold Me
9. Back Back Forward Punch – Emergency Bow Tie (Mighty Mouse Remix)
10. Bixel Boys – Love Like This (Viceroy Remix)
11. Tkay Maidza – Switch Lanes


DiRTY RADiO – My Religion (music by Flight Facilities) [New Single]

Vancouver trio DiRTY RADiO have just released a new offering called ‘My Religion,’ one that has them laying their super smooth, R&B-flavoured croons over a beat called ‘Waking Bliss’ that was originally produced by the very amazing Flight Facilities.

This one is just right on pretty much every level, and you can get a free download of it right through here.

‘My Religion’ is the latest to come from DiRTY RADiO‘s vocal remix series, which has seen them showcasing a variety of genres and styles from the likes of Esta, Darius and Kaytranada just to name a small few. You can check all of those out below.

Overjoy – Monstrous (ft. Lex Famous) (Colour Vision Remix) [Premiere]

San Diego’s Colour Vision has injected his summery, tropical island feels into ‘Monstrous,’ a track originally recorded by by a Los Angeles duo known as Overjoy.

Colour Vision‘s rework takes ‘Monstrous’ through a refreshing rinse of tropical beats and seamless fluidic production, while the dreamy vocals of Lex Famous weave effortlessly through each and every sound.

You can score a copy of Colour Vision’s remix right through here.

Back Back Forward Punch – Big Time & Up Late In The Jungle [Premiere]

Melbourne’s Back Back Forward Punch have returned to close 2014 with a banging double-single release – ‘Big Time’ and ‘Up Late In The Jungle.’

‘Big Time’ is an assembly of breezy vocals, robotic hooks and deep bass rhythms, pulled together by a harmonic display of Nu-disco grooves. Lyrically, it’s a song about finding that one amazing person, casting off love’s fears and preconceptions, enjoying good surprises, and allowing yourself to be carried off into an ocean of happiness.

promoted by Mammal Sounds 

‘Up Late in the Jungle’ is a late-night take on a classic disco groove. It’s music for a midnight romp in a tropical moonlit jungle, where all the animals, insects and creatures of the night stop feeding on each other for a brief reprieve, casting off their differences for a night of debauchery and dance.

‘Big Time’ and ‘Up Late In The Jungle’ are available to download for free via the Back Back Forward Punch Facebook page.

You can catch Back Back Forward Punch at the Shebeen, in Melbourne this Friday night, for the Mammal Sounds Christmas, playing alongside Brisbane producer cln, Sydney disco-funk dudes Midnight Pool Party, Tasmanian Future-beat duo Close Counters, and our very own Acid Stag DJ ARDIE.


Serious Covers: Volume 24

Jordan F – Main Theme (Interstellar Cover)

Stars – What Difference Does It Make? (The Smiths Cover)

Marissa Nadler – Pitseleh (Elliott Smith Cover)

Montgomery – Wake Up (Arcade Fire Cover)

Soft Lighting – Warm Leatherette (The Normal Cover)

Ride The Universe – 900 Degrees (Ian Pooley Cover)

Stranded on Stradbroke Island, Nov 2014 [Review]

author: Andy Capp

The 14th of November was a hot day. Really, really hot. Coincidentally the 14th was also the date set for round two of Stranded festival, Queensland’s newest addition to the constantly growing the festival scene. I had my doubts about leaving my air-conditioning and going outside into the heat, but I put on my sunscreen and off I went.

The day began with a wait (in the sun) for the ferry, which would take everyone to Stradbroke Island, the location of the one-day event. There is a bar on the ferry though, which is a really nice touch as it almost feels like the festival starts before you even arrive. After the 45-minute ferry ride, you depart onto the island and your Stranded experience begins.

Firstly, the location is excellent. It really feels like you are Stranded. All the huts and shaded areas are made out of wood; you are right on the beach. You can even swim if you’d like. They have really nailed the location and theming of their event, the whole place screams of tropical, beachy vibes which is ideal for a festival taking place in the hot Queensland summer.

Onto the music: following the excellent line up of the first round of Stranded featuring the likes of Allday and Alison Wonderland, round 2 did not disappoint. The coordinators seem to really understand what Australian festival-goers want picked a solid lineup of well-rounded artists.

First up on my to-see list was Tkay Maidza, who has been dominating the Triple J airwaves with her new single ‘Switch Lanes.’ Unfortunately, as I caught the later 2:30pm boat, as opposed to the earlier 12pm boat, I missed the entire of Tkay set. This mishap was really unfortunate, as the boat was full of people who I’m sure would have loved to see Ms. Maidza in action. We were assured that the main acts would all take place after the second boat arrived so I think there might have been a logistics hiccup somewhere. Not a massive deal though, as she was playing Alhambra in Brisbane the next night for those desperate to catch her.

Next up, was the ever-smiling UV Boi, who has recently blown up all over the country following his fantastic collab with Ryan Hemsworth as well as a few singles and remixes which seem to be heavily influenced by Yung Lean. UV Boi’s set was exactly what I expected it to be, full of pitch bending 808 kicks and iMessage samples. Personally, I reall enjoyed his set, his production skills are impeccable and he seems to love what he is doing. However, I would love to see some variety in his production as I can see how 45 minutes of similar sounding samples could be overbearing to some. I also think his set might be more suited to a night time spot, as opposed to broad daylight. The amount of people dancing to his set seemed very small compared to the amount of people lazing around the rest of the island.

After UV Boi, KLP took the stage. KLP has found a lot of success recently following her Triple J residency. KLP brought two friends with her to help with her live set, a drummer and a backup vocalist. I thought her set was well done, I enjoyed her crowd interaction but I feel like her repertoire may be a tiny bit bland. That may just be my personal preference however, and I look forward to seeing new material from her, she has a lovely voice.

Aryay took to the stage next, an American producer who has recently blown up thanks to a heavy trap-like drake remix and a single entitled ‘the lawnmower.’ Aryay had clearly done his research on Australian music, he played a DJ set filled with Australian bangers which the crowd seemed really into.

The highlight of the day was definitely The Kite String Tangle, aka Danny Harley. Danny’s set was engaging, well put together and sounded fantastic. He is definitely a role model for electronic musicians as far as live sets go. His voice really translates to a live setting very well. I was quite frustrated during his set as there seemed to be far too many people dancing at the side DJ stage, and not enough watching Danny’s set. Surely if you go to a music festival you would want to watch one of the headline acts rather than dance at a side stage? I guess people must go to festivals for different reasons.

Overall, round two of Stranded was well put together. There was a good selection of acts and the festival had a very enjoyable vibe. My only qualm was that the ferry taking you back to the mainland was not as frequent as promised, but that’s pretty minor. I look forward to round 3 of stranded, and am sure that it will be a strong up and coming force in the Australian festival scene.

Rating: ★★★★

Tigerilla – XXXXYOU (ft. Allday) [New Music]

An upcoming Australian producer known as Tigerilla, is currently prepping the release of his debut EP for early 2015, and today we have the EP’s first official single to share with you.

It’s titled ‘XXXXYOU’ and it features fellow Adelaide-based rapper/producer Allday helping out with the vocal duties – it does come with a slight language warning, and if you’re prone to body-rolls and lap-dancing, it might be best to save this one for when you get home.

promoted by Mammal Sounds 

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on the EP as more details are revealed. |

Non-MixTape Mixes: Volume 50

Each week we collect a stack of great remixes from all around the world that basically just won’t fit into a Friday MixTape, but they are still 100% worthy of a mention and your attention.

So we have the Non-MixTape Mixes set up to showcase some of these great finds.

Press play on each of the below and give them all the time they deserve. If you want to know more about any of the remixers or the remixees, click through to the Soundcloud profiles that each of the tracks are linked to.

Kavinsky – Nightcall (Ardency Remix)

Jbox – Horizon (Lutra Remix)

Pat Lok – Could Be Mine (ft. Patrick Baker) (Red Milk Remix)

The Acid – Fame (NAMES Remix)

Montgomery – War Cry (JAWZ Remix)

Andrea Balency – YNBA (Kource Remix)

James Brown – It’s a Man’s World (Soul Gem Remix)

Adventure Club – Wonder (ft. The Kite String Tangle) (Party Platypus Remix)

Odesza – It’s Only (ft. Zyra) (Free n Losh Remix)

Vaults – Vultures (Maya Jane Coles Remix)