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My First CD: Reuben Styles, Peking Duk

There’s no doubt Aussie electronic duo Peking Duk have had a pretty full-on 2014 so far with their chart-smashing, AIR Award-winning single ‘High’ (featuring Nicole Millar), and just recently coming off the back of their huge sold-out national ‘Peace, Love and Sweatiness’ tour.

Before they get back into it all with performances in Indonesia and India next month, followed by Stereosonic and the Beyond The Valley festival back here in Australia this December, we caught up with one-half of the Duk, Reuben Styles, to ask him what the first CD he ever owned was.

The first CD I was ever given was a compilation of late 80s and early 90s hip-hop called ‘The Message – The History Of Rap.’ My uncle gave it to me for my 5th or 6th birthday as a gift of what I believe was his personal introduction to hip-hop. The album has early banger joints from Eric B. & Rakim, A Tribe Called Quest, Neneh Cherry and a shitload more legends and pioneers of the hip-hop genre.

My favourite tune of the lot would have to have been ‘Rapper’s Delight’ by Sugar Hill Gang. The lyrics included awkward and ironic stories that almost any kid in the world could relate to. One in particular being the classic situation of going to a mate’s house for dinner and feeling compelled to be polite and try finish whatever is on your plate, even when the “food just aint no good” and the “chicken tastes like wood”. You’ll struggle like hell to finish it all, to in turn just have your plate loaded up again by your mate’s mum. Too on point for words. As a kid I connected with that big time.

Strangely I forgot about this album throughout high school, and only in the last couple of years have rediscovered it and fallen in love with it again.

I mostly remember the album in general being loads of fun. The lyrics were entirely harmless and had no representation of being a ‘cop killer’, ‘gettin pussy’ or any cliché hip-hop resemblances we’ve heard time and time again. Perhaps this has helped teach me to steer clear of cliché lyrics and beats that sound like something else, as those kinda tunes get lost and forgotten in the sea with everything else. This album is still a must have for anyone today, and probably will be in 20 years.

Here is the Sugar Hill Gang with ‘Rapper’s Delight’

We’ll leave you with Peking Duk‘s latest single ‘Take Me Over,’ featuring the very awesome vocals of Ben Woolner-Kirkham from SAFIA |

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