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Zola Blood – Meridian EP [Review + Stream]

Words by Alex Milne.

Coming off the back of hit singles ‘Grace’ and ‘Meridian,’ the debut EP Meridian from Zola Blood has been met with fervent anticipation. With the melodies and instrumentals of Snackadaktal, the vocals and structure of The Foals and the lazy texture of Glass Animals, this EP is moody and tranquil. Where this genre can often lend itself to repitition and lethargy, Meridian is far from lackadaisical. Zola Blood emulate creativity, diversity and inspiration throughout their EP. The more you listen to Zola Blood the more their late night broodiness grows on you and leaves you wanting more.

The opening track, ‘Grace,’ sounds a lot like Snackadaktal, with high pitched dropping sound effects and syncopated rhythms. The rhythm smoothly complements the languid falsetto of the vocals. The anguish of the bridge builds to a climax and the lyrics “got carried away” fill out the piece. This is a great opening track.

In ‘Leaves,’ the “oohing” and sighing between words makes the voice a key instrument, with an almost percussive quality. All the different elements of the song have an independent role that meshes together satisfyingly. Lyrics such as “all the leaves are falling down”, give the song a powerful sense of imagery like that of a novel.

‘Meridian’ is easily my favourite song on the EP. It is more upbeat than the other tracks, with a steady, beating pulse. The chorus is silky and the instrumentals powerful, with the picking guitar solos a stand out feature.

The EP continues with its clever variance with ‘Eyes Open.’ This track is darker and the use of percussion creates a fuller sound. The guitars play a more dominant role in this tune than others, carrying a melody as opposed to the picking of the earlier tracks.

Overall this EP is clever and thought provoking, whilst simultaneously relaxing and soulful. This is a great start for Zola Blood and I can’t wait to hear more from them.

Rating: ★★★★

You can pick up your very own copy of this EP right now through iTunes.

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