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My First CD: John Dewhurst, Sable

John Dewhurst is the Pokemon-crazed beat-maker from Perth who goes by the name Sable. Over the last 12 months he’s released a stack of singles (including one that featured Bloc Party‘s Kele Okereke), a few EPs and a butt-load of remixes. Needless to say he is a busy man.

Sable is currently on tour around Australia and we thought it an ideal time to check in with him to ask what the first ever CD he purchased was.

My first album was Gorillaz by Gorillaz. I heard ‘Clint Eastwood’ and ’19/2000′ on RAGE and recorded those jams to a tape recorder. At the time I was living in the Northern Territory and was super young, so I asked for the album for Christmas and got it!

Before this there were a few embarrassing singles (anyone remember Five? pls no) but Gorillaz became my prize musical possession and I still have it somewhere, but ironically have no way to easily play CDs.

The CD still means a lot to me and was definitely an influence on my musical tastes and sound past that point. My favourite track was definitely the Ed Case remix of ‘Clint Eastwood’. I didn’t know what it was at the time but it’s a great UK garage banger and definitely opened my ears to UKG which is still a massive influencing sound for me.

The other notable thing with Gorillaz albums is the variety of sounds present on every one of their records. There were grungy guitar tracks like ‘5/4′ and happy light pop tracks like ’19/2000’ (fractions forever lel). Another standout track for me was ‘Man Research’. It’s a super weird track but kind of builds and grinds along with a house rhythm and this weird, almost atmospheric composition behind it.

In another way, it showed me that you could create a persona or image to exist behind rather than having to be a human entity. The creativity and innovation must have resonated with me because I still appreciate it after 13 years. Overall it is still one of my favourite albums by one of my favourite bands and can definitely say it had a big influence on my sound.

Everyone together now; I aint happy, I’m feeling glad. I got sunshine, in a bag. I’m useless, but not for long the future is coming on….

Here is Sable‘s latest two-track Kanto EP, which you can pick up over at his Bandcamp page.

Sable is currently on the road across Australia, so do go check him out if you get the chance.

Sable - tour - acid stag

More details from his tour page. | |

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