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Yeo: Come Find Me EP [Review + Stream]

Words by Corey Brown.

Yeo has been quietly at it for a number of years now, slowly and steadily accumulating his repertoire and fan base. Since 2006, he has weaved his artistic hand through an assortment of genres and styles, ending up today at electronic/synth pop. With the official release of his latest EP, Come Find Me, comes a boost in recognition and sees fresh fans join a small devout crew that have been by Yeo‘s side for years. Let’s hope they’re welcoming.

The record is wrapped in shades of 80’s nostalgia thanks to Yeo‘s affinity for synths and classic drum machine samples. The opening track ‘Move It Or Lose It’ is the strongest example of this sort of sound, a cheery number that feels like it would be complete in one of those colourful stop motion film clips from that era.

Enter ‘Kobe’, the first of the two singles off the EP. Everything about Yeo‘s sound comes together perfectly in this guitar coated masterpiece. Choice vocal sampling sets the pace with rapid percussion following suit. A chugging bassline opens the way for the vocals, and boy, Yeo‘s pipes have never sounded more at home. Leading into the chorus, you’re hit with a fury of drums and building synth tension before completely taking flight. The screaming chords that steadily rise and fall in pitch with the harmonic progression are pure genius, surrounded by the blissful mayhem of tambourines, shakers and the rocketing bassline. This song needs way more attention.

‘Always Open’ is as pop rock as it gets; lethargic power chords, a simple slow beat and synth hook set the stage for the delivery of an important message. From the young Melbournite himself, via his Facebook page: “I wrote this song awhile ago called Always Open, and it was one of my most heartfelt efforts born from some very dark experiences. It came out with the EP last month. Every time we play it live I feel like I’m kicking down doors and flipping the bird to the man, and it’s a fucking awesome feeling. I hope you guys feel that way when you hear it, because there’s a lot of bullshit in our lives that needs clearing out. Smiles all ’round.”

The EP closes with another single, a song originally released a year ago. ‘Girl’ was the track that brought a lot of well earned publicity to this songwriter, getting the attention of Porter Robinson, who included it in his Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1. Simple yet effective, its combination of acoustic guitar in a lo-fi soundscape sets a curious mood. The only lyrics, repeated over – “don’t you know my heart can’t be broken” – incites mystery and makes you wonder who or what could inspire such a statement.

While there is a consistency in Yeo‘s sound, a distinct palette he mostly draws from, the atmosphere across the entire EP varies perhaps too greatly to be taken on a genuine journey. Each track, however, has its own strengths, some undoubtedly greater than others and it is testament to the artist’s stylistic diversity. If you find yourself looking for something that is genuine and gives no regard to trends, give Come Find Me a few spins. You’ll dig.

Rating: ★★★☆

Go pick up a copy ofCome Find Me now from Yeo‘s Bandcamp page.

You can catch Yeo in Melbourne or Sydney for these upcoming headline shows:
Saturday November 8 – Shebeen, Melbourne
Thursday December 11 – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney

RSVP here:

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