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Figgy: Missing You EP [Review + Stream]

Words by Jacqui Wonder.

When the lead single of the Missing You EP, ‘You Were Mine’ popped up in my soundcloud feed I lost any semblance of focus.. the words on my computer screen became a foreign language and the jazzy, chilled house number took me to my happy place. It’s an addictive recipe of Figgy‘s that he replicates in ‘Looking for You’ – a clear theme coming through in the restrained number of, but none too subtle, lyrics.

As the debut EP on his new label Cut&Dry, Figgy has set the scene for a relaxed summer, think white sandy beaches, drinking out of coconuts, waking up next to the pool with fresh tan lines. ‘Take You Away’ is a pretty explicit reference to the paradise I just described, think less of the obvious lyrics and more of the hip-shaking beat, fresh high-hats, cymbal-like synth and electric organ, with each layer ebbing and flowing in a lazy wave-like mix.

My one criticism is that by the time you reach fourth track ‘All That I Need’ (and even before this if you’re not as patient as I am.. sue me, I’m a saint), the same relaxed, beachy, jazzy, house vibe that Figgy has so successfully brought to the EP has become too homogenous. The tracks lack distinction from each other and whilst they make for a solid poolside soundtrack, the EP leaves you wanting some more variety and experimentation. Fingers crossed Figgy brings this soon as he continues to deliver hot shit like this.

Rating: ★★★

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