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Kasper Bjørke: After Forever [Review + Stream]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

On After Forever, Danish producer/DJ/musician extraordinaire Kasper Bjørke has fused elements of disco and 80’s synth pop to create an overall transcendent fourth album brimming with noteworthy guest spots.

Described by Bjørke as a record “good for dark, sad dancing,” After Forever takes on a more contemplative, brooding tone than his previous releases. The production harbours a romantic, mystical air that the featured artists exploit to the fullest.

Opening cut ‘Rush’ serves as the perfect lure, its music box introduction charming the listener into further exploring the song’s psychedelic soul vibe. Vocalist Tobias Buch allows his seductive falsetto to glide freely on the hook, drawing one further into a cavern of mellow, retro riffs.

The warm, oceanic synths on ‘Sylvia’ act as a prelude to the hypnotic, Sade-esque tones of CTM that wash over the ambient production. A similar soundscape forms on follow up ‘Marbled Blood’, which plays out like a poetic reading full of foreboding and drama thanks to Soho Rezanejad‘s strong presence.

As far as up-tempo numbers go, ‘Apart’ and ‘Lies’ serve as the resident dance-floor fillers. The former shines thanks to singer/songwriter Nomi Ruiz‘s beguiling vocals and superb penmanship, while the latter mesmerizes thanks to the spacey 80’s dance vibe and Sisy Ey‘s elegant voice.

After Forever stands as one of Kasper Bjørke‘s finest efforts thanks to its ability to make the old sound new again. The production’s nostalgic elements are always complimented by the featured artist and ultimately make for an interstellar musical experience.

Rating: ★★★★

After Forever is out now through HFN Music.

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