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Olympic Ayres: Leisureplex EP [Review + Stream]

Words by Jacqui Wonder.

Just out from Sydney duo Olympic Ayres is the pair’s latest EP Leisureplex, made for pleasure-seekers and sunny afternoons.

The EP launches with ‘Take Flight’ (fitting) – a laid back track that combines guitar, laid back bass, jungle drums and a vocal that you’ll love if like me, you’re always the person that forgets the words – what words that is, one of the few discernable lyrics to learn is a meandering ‘oooohhooohhooooohh’ so sing along loud and proud knowing you have minimal chance of embarrassing yourself with a misheard lyric.

My picks of the EP are easily ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Control’ – maybe it’s the glittery guitar and synth about 35 seconds in on ‘Sunshine’, or the lyrics just tapping into exactly how my vitamin-D deprived skin is feeling – ‘I’ve been waiting for that sunshine, Where’s that sunshine?’. In a similar vein it’s hard to listen to ‘Control’ and conceive that it’s anything but blue skies, roadtrips and summer romances outside.

It would be criminal to bypass EP closer ‘We Can’t Get Away’, maybe the freshest track on the EP, with Olympic Ayres pulling out their entire bag of tricks across the track be it a full range of vocals, synth, keys, guitar, bass, drums, it all builds and builds, admittedly to a bit of a fizz at the end, but the anti-climactic finish doesn’t make the foreplay any less fun.

The entire EP is a consistent offering from the Sydney boys, with a homogenous feeling running throughout thanks to an infectious disco guitar and funked up basslines, but with vocals, instrumentation and beats shaken up enough throughout to keep things interesting. Take this musical gift for what it is – a soundtrack for sandy bottoms, ice cold brewskies, faces covered in mango, sweaty nights and festival shenanigans.

Rating: ★★★★

Go grab a copy of Olympic AyresLeisureplex EP now from iTunes.

The boys are hitting the road throughout October in the efforts to give you all the the full Leisureplex experience – click the banner for all of the details.

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