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Tricky: Adrian Shaw [Album Review]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

On Adrian Shaw, trip-hop maverick Tricky leads listeners into a world where delicate vocals and sinister growls intertwine with an unnerving yet irresistible sonic palette.

The 11th album by the English producer and musician, Adrian Shaw is a melting pot of musical styles, and this is evidenced by not only the production, but also by the variety of featured guests.

On opener ‘Sundown’, Tricky’s imposing presence and lurching production style give way to the enigmatic Tirzah, whose airy tone is cradled by a creeping bassline and lurking, ominous synths. Her delicate timbre is allowed to take over completely on ‘Silly Games’, complimenting the reggae inspired arrangement perfectly .

Francesca Belmont and Nneka round off the list of female singers, the former providing a sassy and seductive presence to the jazz accented ‘I Had A Dream’, while the latter’s impassioned coo glides effortlessly alongside the bluesy licks of ‘Keep Me In Your Shade’.

Gender bender Mykki Blanco and rappstress Bella Gotti are on hand to spit some bars, and things don’t get fiercer than on the DnB laced ‘Why Don’t You’, where Gotti rips the track to shreds with her vicious flow.

While the lack of vocals from Tricky may lead listeners to think this is more of a ‘Tricky presents…’ type of project, the overall feel of Adrian Thaw proves it’s still very much his album. Brooding, tense and eclectic, it’s an effort well worth investigating for long time Tricky admirers.

Rating: ★★★★★

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