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Meg Mac: MEGMAC EP [Review]

Words by Renee Meznarsic.

Melbourne’s very own sweetheart Meg Mac has had a whirlwind of a year since winning Triple J’s 2013 Falls Festival competition, The same competition which put herself and the likes of The Kite String Tangle on all of our radars and nestled straight into our hearts. Who would have thought that less than a year after securing an opening set at Falls Festival, that I would be sitting up on a Sunday night, writing a review on the EP from Meg Mac, the same Meg Mac who has sold out multiple shows on her first national tour within a week and all prior to releasing her debut EP?

Not this guy, that’s for sure.
Would I change a thing?
Not a chance!

What an absolutely stunning debut! To be honest, I was quite keen on reviewing this EP before even giving it a listen, so it’s fair to say I hyped this bad boy up a little, and quite rightly. From start to finish this is such a solid listen. Meg’s soulful vocals coupled with the harmonious chanting beats makes for a beautiful coupling, and one that will leave you wanting more.

It’s hard to pick a standout as they’re all so good! ‘Roll Up Your Sleeves,’ the thumping opening track is definitely up there though with its punchy chorus and piano licked verses. This theme seems to carry out throughout the entire EP from ‘Turning’ to ‘Known Better,’ single ‘Every Lie’ and the sassy ‘Grandma’s Hands’ it’s hard to pick a favourite song – can I choose them all?

Meg has done an exceptional job from composition to production right down to lyrics. I really can sing nothing but praises about Meg’s debut, probably not as well as she can…but you know.
Well done Meg, you should be proud.

Rating: ★★★★★

You can catch Meg on tour around the country this month on her MEGMAC EP Tour. Find all of those details here.

The MEGMAC EP will be within your reach on September 12 through, iTunes.

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