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Our Man in Berlin: Cirrhosis [New Sounds]

Words by Jacqui Wonder.

‘Cirrhosis’ is the third single to be taken from Our Man in Berlin‘s debut EP, Is it Right?, and the band does not disappoint with it’s gentle disco-punk offering.

When asked about the track, frontman and chief songwriter Haydn Mansell mentioned “Lyrically like some of my songs atm, it’s a bit of a stream of consciousness…I always wait for the words to come rather than forcing or contriving them. I guess it’s about time, the lack of it, the urgent feelings and desires that we all have. It reminds me to be patient, calm, and purposeful. To try and do things well, with soul.”

‘Cirrhosis’ is swelling with soul and paradoxes; from breathy and soft but angst-ridden vocals, to the earnest beat propelling the song forward to be met with so-chill-I-almost-want-to-call-them-lazy guitar riffs.

Head on over to iTunes to pick up a copy of Our Man in Berlin‘s debut EP, Is it Right?.

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