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Interview: George Townsend + Adam Kaye of Bondax

Words by Jacqui Wonder.

Earlier this week George Townsend and Adam Kaye aka Bondax joined me (from their bed) for a quick chat, ahead of their first trip down under for the Listen Out festivals happening around the country this September.

Where are you and what are you wearing?
Ahh… it’s early here and we’re both in George’s bed actually….just wearing our boxers…

Well, this is going to be a fun interview…

I saw that you guys were recently partying with Flume, Disclosure and Cashmere Cat at Postiv Festival – any highlights?
Any highlights.. I dunno.. Positiv was a pretty big festival, it was such a massive crowd, and some pretty wild acts. It was pretty funny coming on after Flume ‘cause he had his infinity prism, and all his lights and pyrotechnics and we just came on and had nothing and then Disclosure came on with all their lights and production. It would have been pretty cool if we’d actually had some lighting or pyrotechnics and stuff but it was still really fun and the crowd was still wild.

Your music was once described as “a hundred orgasms on top of each other” so you don’t need lights and pyrotechnics…
[laughs] We’ve never heard that one before!

So how would you describe your music then?
We often get asked this in interviews.. and it doesn’t get easier. I guess, shimmery, R’n’B electro. It’s kind of hard to describe it because every tune we make is completely different, and it’s not necessarily a representation of what we make at home..

In my regular facebook stalking of you I noticed you put up a teaser for new video for ‘All I See’ – what should fans be excited about?
We’re actually in the video for once which is a bit weird! We filmed it where we grew up in Lancaster, in the countryside in England, and then also did some filming in Corsica where we played at Calvi. It’s all quite nice to look at, very scenic – the guys that did it did some great editing. But it’s really funny being in the video, we said we’d try to avoid being in our videos.

Why’s that – camera shy?
Well we never really wanted the popstar image, so being in the videos didn’t really seem like the right thing to do. It didn’t seem natural.

I’ve got to say, ‘Gold’ was my favourite video (not just mine, 350k views) – but it creeped me out a little, what was your creative process for that vid?
Well we gave a lot of creative control over to the guy [Sam Pilling] directing that video. We’re really fans of his music videos, he’s worked with SBTKT, Two Door Cinema Club and The Weeknd before, and we like his work. Also we wanted something that didn’t necessarily reflect the lyrics of the track but had it’s own story that was a little dark and he came up with a great concept. So actually we didn’t have a lot to do with the creative concept for that video, but for a lot of the others we do like to have a bit of control.

So ‘All I See’ is the latest release and we’ve been seeing some great remixes coming through, have you got anything else on the burner?
We’ve got our compilation coming out around the time of the Listen Out tour; it’s basically a collection of about 5 tunes of ours and some tracks from our friends. It’s pretty much a glorified mixtape – it’s got loads of really fresh music that represents where we are at the moment. We’re really looking forward to giving that one out.. we haven’t been giving out enough music, it’s really just been like one tune here or there.

So I know we can look forward to Listen Out, in it’s second year, great festival, a lot of fun – what are you looking forward to for your first trip to Australia?
I think it’s gotta be doing some amazing shows for some crazy Australians but also just experiencing Australia – we’ve never been there before! We’ve heard there are so many similarities between both of our countries but also looking forward to seeing what’s out there. Plus we’ve been developing the live set over the past year or so but we haven’t had a proper run of tour dates so the Listen Out tour will be our first real run of it.

Have you prepared for drop bears?
[laughs] Sorry.. what was that? What’s drop bears!?

Drop bears… they jump on you from up high in the trees.
What!? I’ve never even heard of that?? We don’t get this kind of shit in England! Drop bears! What they just jump on you from trees and come get you?

No I’m just taking the piss..
We’ve literally just watched this movie that’s about this crazy guy getting killed by a bunch of grizzly bears and now you’re telling us about drop bears attacking us when we come down there..

My bad. I promise they won’t try to kill you. What Aussie things are you looking forward to trying?
Yeah we definitely want to try some crazy Australian shit. We’ve got some in between dates so have been getting recommendations from people like Flume for their recommendations so if you guys have any..?

So acid stag readers, what are your recommendations for the Bondax boys when they visit our shores next month?

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