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Banoffee: Self-titled EP [Review]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

The self-titled EP from Melbourne’s Banoffee contains five spacey, deeply contemplative tracks that shimmer with traces of electronica and R&B.

Co-produced by long time collaborative partner Oscar Key Sung, the EP has Banoffee (real name Martha Brown) coasting through futuristic arrangements that tend to build methodically. Lyrically, she finds herself questioning her feelings regarding relationships.

Opener ‘I Got It’ has Brown expressing doubts over truly knowing someone. These second thoughts are fought off on the simple hook of “I got, I got…oooh I got it, I got it, I know you know I got it”.

A similar tone envelops the more upbeat ‘Let’s Go To the Beach.’ As the heavily syncopated handclaps coincide with the repeated “aah aahs” and “let’s go to the beach,” Banoffee attempts to draw the line between what friends do and don’t do. The unsure musings are balanced by production that serves as the most dance oriented on the EP.

Standout ‘Ninja’ harbours a hopefulness that evaporates as the track closes. Starting off with talk of getting up early and making breakfast, its dream like quality is pierced by Banoffee‘s confession that she is a ninja that won’t be brought down by the person that consumes her thoughts.

Ultimately, the emotional intensity of the writing makes this an intriguing homegrown debut. Rich in the complex thoughts of an artist seeking stability, the Banofee EP provides a lot to absorb over its 16 minute running time.

Rating: ★★★

You can get yourself familiar with the EP from August 22, just before she hits the road taking her sounds to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

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