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LUCIANBLOMKAMP: Post-Nature [Review + Stream]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

On Post-Nature, homegrown artist LUCIANBLOMKAMP takes us on an auditory exploration of humanity’s detachment from its mortal shell. A debut that is sophisticated in terms of both production and concept, Post-Nature proves a bewitching experience.

What one notices at the beginning of the album is the sheer skill demonstrated in sampling and looping. ‘Catskill Mountain Resort’ features dark, ethereal samples that are looped to create an unsettling prelude to the existential musings that follow. Elsewhere, first single ‘Help Me Out’ flaunts throbbing, ominous synths that are taken over by a striking soprano saxophone, whilst ‘Jol’ beguiles with its bluesy guitar and icy keys.

‘In Time’ is without a doubt the most beautiful cut on the LP, its noir essence too seductive to resist. As vocalist Rosebud Leach questions her existence, the lo-fi production provides the perfect environment for her siren-like timbre to take centre stage. Other standouts include ‘Shook,’ its whirring industrial effects and thumping hip hop beat providing a break from the mostly trebly arrangements and the haunting ‘Saudade,’ a serene, ambient track that enchants with a melancholy romanticism evoked by its stunning violin and buzzing synth climax.

The concept behind Post-Nature is one that challenges and intrigues on many levels. The complex layers and textures that abound on the album make for a stirring reflection of humanity’s distancing from its natural state and stimulate the mind as well as the ears. Easily one of the most enthralling efforts of the year so far.

Rating: ★★★★

Post-Nature is available now on iTunes, with thanks to Yes Please.

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