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Fractures: @The Vanguard, August 2014 [Gig Review]

Words by Antonia Gauci.

It’s Friday night at The Vanguard and it’s a sold out EP Launch for Melbournite Fractures – “Selling out a show that’s not in your own home town…!” He’s chuffed.

With nervous smiles and instruments at the ready, the band slowly takes their place on stage and starts the night off with a soft and melodic opener. Unfortunately, the nerves are recognisable and cracks emerge – their three-part vocal harmonies begin to waver in and out of pitch, and there’s a sense of disconnect between the band.

It takes some time to warm up, but by the fourth song ‘CADENCE’ their confidence has finally arrived. The edge is disappearing, the band open up and are finding comfort on stage as they groove along with the slowly swaying crowd. It’s a good and honest performance, with a few audience members joining in at the chorus. It’s followed by a cheer from the crowd and that nervous smile flashes again across stage.

We’re treated to a new song then “one you may have heard before on your radio…” Rhodes chords and a jolt of the programmed beat lead us into the single ‘Won’t Win.’ Fractures plays convoluted guitar noodles while singing the sweet melody, hypnotising us into a relaxed, dreamy state of mind.

He finishes the night off with his most popular track, ‘TWISTED.’ Sections of the crowd launch into song and dance during the infectious beat driven choruses, ending the evening on a slight high – it was just a shame that we weren’t taken there a bit sooner.

Rating: ★★★☆

Grab a copy of Fractures‘ self-titled EP now from iTunes. |

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