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My First CD with The Kite String Tangle

Just last week, Brisbane producer Danny Harley, aka The Kite String Tangle, released his long awaited debut EP and to no real surprise it has been absolutely dominating the number one position on the iTunes charts since.

In celebration of the release, TKST is just about to embark on a huge national ‘Vessel EP Tour,’ which has already been selling out like crazy all around the country.

Ahead of all the mayhem, I caught up with Danny last week to ask what the first CD he ever bought was..

My first CD was Blink 182 – “Enema of the state”. I think it’s one of those CD’s that made me fall in love with pop songs completely and started a long decent into the world of pop punk. Running into sweaty mosh pits as a 14 year old music enthusiast trying to get to the front barrier and being surrounded by shirtless sweaty men at an Unwritten Law or Alkaline Trio concert was how I got down. There must be a lot of us because this nostalgia is still selling out Sound Wave festivals around the country. ‘Enema of the State’ is an excellent introductory CD that has remained relevant in the pop punk scene until today.

I don’t know if it ever would have affected my approach to music. I guess if there was a correlation it would be that I try to create my songs with hooky building blocks. I think a general pop sensibility was probably gained from many a happy year of pop-punk-listening. In wallet chains we trust.

Dare we do this?…….I say yes!

And let’s treat those ears even more with the track that put The Kite String Tangle within everyone’s peripheral, ‘Given the Chance’

The ‘Vessel EP Tour’ kicks off in Darwin on August 20, before heading to almost everywhere around the country. Grab all of those tour details right here.

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Vessel EP is available now from iTunes.  | |


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