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My First CD: Jamie Corson, of New Navy

Sydney lads New Navy stepped back into the lime-light in June with a fantastic new single called ‘Heaven,’ and just recently announced a national tour support with Aussie favourite, Andy Bull.

We touched base with New Navy guitarist Jamie Corson last week to ask what his first ever CD was

The first CD I ever bought, or had bought for me, was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1990). Featuring MC Hammer‘s ‘This Is What We Do’ and ‘Spin That Wheel’ by Hi Tek 3.

I think this birthed an early love of hip-hop for me. I have fond memories of a family holiday, driving from Ulladulla to Port Macquarie with a hand-made cassette bootleg with this album on one side and The Bangles‘ ‘Greatest Hits’ on the flip side for my sisters. I actually repurchased the TMNT soundtrack on CD a couple of years ago, so it is likely to also be the most recent CD I ever bought. The poetic death of the compact disc. Cowabunga!

Yes we are going to do this – from 1990 it is MC Hammer with ‘This Is What We Do’

And now back to 2014 with the new single from New Navy.

The tour support with Andy Bull kicks off on September 11 in Canberra. You can find all tour dates and locations right through here. | |

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