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My First CD: Jon Hart, Boy & Bear

Aussie indie-dudes Boy & Bear are embarking on a massive national tour in September, just before heading off to do the same across most parts of the USA, Canada and Europe.

The ‘Get Up & Dance Tour’ will give fans the chance to hear Boy & Bear‘s latest album, Harlequin Dream, in all of its live glory, and I’m sure they’ll be pulling out some of the older favourites as well.

Last week we asked keyboardist Jon Hart what the first CD he ever bought was.

I think the first album I paid for with my own money was Nirvana‘s Nevermind. I had some singles before that I’m sure, but that was the first album where I went into HMV and tried to make a teenage statement of cultural relevance. The reality of it was that I didn’t know who Nirvana was at the time, because I was a bit sheltered and uncool, but there was a girl I liked and her boyfriend at the time used to wear a Kurt Cobain t-shirt and she told me that Nirvana were the best band in the world. So I did what most guys would do and went off and bought Nevermind and listened to it relentlessly.

The cover art was so striking and daring, and the music even more so. The vocal performances (not to mention just the raw playing) were incredible and still sound so to me today. And even though I’m a keyboard player, I can still play ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit,’ ‘In Bloom’ and ‘Come as You Ar’e on guitar (the first 3 songs I learnt and the first 3 tracks on Nevermind). ‘Something In The Way’ still gives me shivers and to my adolescent mind the idea of a secret track made me feel like this was music for me and something my parents couldn’t understand.

I then went and bought a Kurt Cobain t-shirt and got the girl…but it didn’t last, nice memory though.

Here is Boy & Bear‘s latest single ‘Bridges’

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