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Andy Bull: Sea of Approval [Album Review]

Words by Justine McNamara.

Andy Bull has released his second album, Sea of Approval, but made us wait five years for it! It was much anticipated and a long time coming, does it live up to expectations?

The opening track ‘Just One Expression Just One Line’ takes a while to make an impact, but after a few listens it’s grown on me and is the right choice for the first track. It starts out quietly but slowly adds more instruments to heighten its impact.

Popular single ‘Baby I Am Nobody Now’ has been reworked and extended, which gives it a whole new energy and sound. New tracks ‘1000 Ways’ and ‘Something I Guess’ bring you into a false sense of security with their slow tempos and stripped back vocals, and laidback mood. Hit ‘Keep on Running’ comes through like a punch in the face, but a good one, and has you dancing again after the chilled out portion of the album.

New single ‘Talk Too Much’ has been gaining popularity and is the draw card on this album. Its energetic and playful tones make it a stand out dance track that will always make you want to move. The closing track ‘So That I Can Feel Better’ is a great way to ease out of the album and finish off the collection of pop Andy Bull has put together.

Anyone who’s caught him live can see he is able to bring what he puts into a live show into a recording, which is a very special quality. The album Sea of Approval mixes energetic pop, laidback moments and fun dance tracks to make it an enjoyable and memorable release.

Rating: ★★★

You can pick up Sea of Approval now through iTunes, but before you go anywhere I also recommend you take a listen to this remix of the above track, ‘Talk Too Much’ by Sydney beat-slinger Kilter.

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