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Sundown eXp: Never Giving Up (ft. Rasharn Powell) [New Single]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

With warmer weather just a couple of months away, it’s time to begin shaking off the cruel grip of winter with the aid of some sun-kissed house courtesy of South Londoners Sundown eXp.

Armed with crystalline synths that sparkle next to the hypnotic and steady rhythm, ‘Never Giving Up’ sets itself up to be a summer favourite, its glistening deep house production and fervent hook, courtesy of r&b vocalist Rasharn Powell, igniting the senses.

Included on the ‘Never Giving Up’ release are a bevy of remixes that build on the crisp and vibrant essence of the original edit. There’s a ‘Club Mix’ that ups the ante with a host of fiercer synths, whilst the ‘Solid Stone’ mix takes things to a more ethereal place with the addition of spacey keys.

Rounding things out are the Jam the Future and Liquid Floor Killer edits, the latter especially impressive thanks to its furious garage kick. You can stream all of these via Spotify or simply purchase the EP from Beatport.

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