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Cajsa Siik: Relentless Delight [New Single]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

Brandishing an air of rebelliousness reminiscent of Kate Bush and a poetic touch that recalls Bat For Lashes, Swedish singer Cajsa Siik continues to establish herself within the indie-pop realm with the release of her new single, ‘Relentless Delight.’

The second offering from her upcoming album Contra, the single boasts production by Siik, Tiger Lou‘s Calle Ekerstam and Rolf Klinth.

Baiting the listener with a contagious guitar rhythm, ‘Relentless Delight’ worms it way into one’s ear and charms with its simple arrangement. As Siik’s sultry and confident voice leads towards the hook, the underlying rumble of drums surges forward with some tantalizing riffs in tow.

A composition that ebbs and flows nicely alongside the assured vocals, ‘Relentless Delight’ serves as another reason to become familiar with the enigmatic Cajsa Siik. |

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