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Bobmo: New Dawn [Review + Stream]

Words by Michael Hutchinson.

New Dawn is the debut album for Parisian house producer Bobmo (aka Hugues Rey). It has been released on Marble, a label he co-runs with fellow countrymen Para One and Surkin, both of whom feature on the longplayer. The album blends aggressive and deep tech-house and is righteously nocturnal, sufficient of clubs tracks and serene grooves.

‘When I Look’ is a certified party starter and should be a worldwide smash. It is thoughtful disco and full to its brim with soulful yearning from vocalist Shaun J. Wright. Owing its appeal to the simple but satisfying thump, it’ll definitely feature in my top songs of the year.

The features from Surkin (‘Mind Control’) and Para One (‘Standing High’) along with ‘It Is Happening Again’ are all techy wonderlands that you’d be stupid not to be raving to at 4am. The tracks could have been made a decade ago but their intentions are just as relevant now.

You can get all giddy with ‘This Side’ which is charmingly mechanic and reminiscent of Mylo’s ‘Zenophile’. ‘I Want You’ woos by oozing 90’s disco and puckers you up like you’re about to participate in some serious tonsil hockey. It’s mid-tempo, just like ‘Memories’ where the beat washes over rather than crashes into you and echoes long after completion.

Bookended by a subtle intro and outro (‘Breaking Waves’ and ‘Breaking Waves II’ respectively), it is a tranquil come down from the hustle and hum cemented by the tracks in between. Rey’s dynamism manages to dissipate genre boundaries and implores the creation of a cavalcade of house and techno moods, appearing to be like Justice’s more nonchalant and attractive relative.

New Dawn is elastic in thought and action, with enough give to satisfy even the harshest electronica critic.

Rating: ★★★★ | |

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