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acid stag presents: Aussie Prodigies [Indie Shuffle Playlist]

Recently I was invited to put together a playlist for the wicked guys and gals at American music website Indie Shuffle, as part of a new series called ‘Collections.’

I chose ‘Aussie Prodigies’ as the title to my ‘Collections’ playlist, which features 13 of my favourite Australian up-and-coming musicians, producers, duos and solo artists at the moment.

My short-list for this was more of a really long-list, but in the end I culled it down to these guys: 

Tyson KraftDreamgoatFekiAViVAAclnBack Back Forward PunchTwin CavernsJboxweaklingMaxiSun Comes Out Twice As BrightMidnight Pool Party & Floria

I hope you all enjoy their tunes as much as I do.

Be sure you give Indie Shuffle lots of loving too. |

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