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Lennox: Songs That Start With W [EP Review + Stream]

Words by Alex Milne.

Lennox is a New York based four-piece who have spent the last year putting together their new EP Songs that Start with W. Their sound can be a bit dark and creepy in places, but as a whole is smooth, spacey and hypnotic. Their lyrics are mature and fit well with their melodies. Although no one single track in this collection stands out as a sure fire hit, the EP as a whole is very strong.

The strength of Lennox is in the vocals. The timbre and quality of the voice of Mahea Lee should not be understated. She’s taken the breathy and fragile sound we had previously heard from the likes of Julia Stone and Gosling and applied it to the electronic genre. In this way it creates the eerie feeling of this EP.

‘We Lay Ourselves Down’ is the best song on this EP. The vocals are whispery and almost magical in quality. The bass is smooth and relaxing yet the song still has movement. The effects in the bridge carry well and connect the separate parts of the song together successfully. But it is the lyrics that make this track. The chorus: “we burn in the night like we’re caught in a flame” and “the silence possesses us” are examples of how thoughtfully the lyricist has portrayed the emotion of the song, which meshes with the sound.

‘Whimsy’ is another notable track. It has the same dark feel that is a trend across the album, and the lyrics remain of the same thoughtful quality: “drown myself in dreams of ecstasy.” What stands out about this track is the male voice that is introduced. The two voices work together in the same way that the male and female voices of The XX interweave. Working in unison, complimenting and building upon one another. The clapping beat and spacier sounds used in the last part of the song wakes the listener from a sleepy reverie and carries you to the outro.

‘Wonderland’ has the same sound as the rest of the album, and although not incredibly memorable, it meshes well with the feel of the EP.

I’d say ‘Wicked Ways’ is my least favourite tracks on the EP. Although it is tense and emotional, the bridge doesn’t seem to work with the rest of the song, sounding disjointed and almost out of tune.

‘Alex’s Song’ is a song with a story. The lyrics “I’m running out of time” sound like what they mean. They repeat at a slower pace until listing off at the end with “it’s just time.” I am a big fan of how Lennox have used the lyrics and melody to work together as an emotive tool.

Overall Lennox have produced an EP that is enchanting and eerie. They have carved themselves out a clear sound that has many variations across the EP. The story – telling quality of their songs is unique and I cannot wait to hear more from these guys in the future.

Rating: ★★★☆

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