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Phoria: Display EP [Review + Stream]

Words by Vicki Winter.

Euphoria is defined as “an intense state of transcendent happiness combined with an overwhelming sense of contentment” which is coincidentally the best way to describe what to expect from Phoria’s latest EP Display.

The five-piece from Brighton has already been channeling their way into our hearts with their two previous EP releases Yourself Still in 2010 (which you can purchase here) and Bloodworks featuring the popular single ‘Red’ in 2013. Presenting noticeable development in Display the band has fashioned a sound somewhere between Radiohead and James Blake.

‘Emanate’ is the first single off the album and is truly harmonious in its production, with many intricate layers of sound engulfing your senses. Trewin Howard’s vocals drift softly through the track before it reaches an epic climax of synth crescendos from Tim Douglas. ‘Undone’ is indeed the catchy addition to the album, with a vocal melody that is sure to set up camp inside your head. Much like ‘Emanate’ it begins subtly then builds on production, incorporating tranquil piano work by Ed Sanderson.

If you like Radiohead you are sure to like ‘Atomic’ as it has that same quirky enchantment we have come to love from dear Thom York. It does slightly disrupt the dream like trance that ‘Emanate’ and ‘Undone’ lull you in to, but it is a nice addition in terms of allowing Jeb Hardwick on guitar and Seryn Burden on drums a platform to shine.

‘Efforttobreathe’ is effortlessly refined and precisely captures the essence of Phoria. As this blissful, mellow track washes over you, you will feel a sense of satisfaction that lures you into a place of refuge and serenity. You will not want this one to come to an end…

You can purchase the EP from iTunes, or their limited edition 10” vinyl has an exclusive bonus track as well as a digital download which you can order from their store. We recommend listening with your eyes closed and a glass of wine after a hard day. Elation will ensue.

Rating: ★★★★ | |

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