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My First CD: Lavurn Lee, GUERRE

By now I would hope that most of you would have heard of Sydney experimental producer Lavurn Lee, aka GUERRE; also known as the man behind Cassius Select, and one-third of soulful R&B crew Black Vanilla alongside Marcus Whale of Collarbones

Over the last few months, there’s been quite a bit of anticipation building around the release of GUERRE‘s upcoming debut album Ex Nihilo, and rightfully so – I for one cannot stop listening to it.

Last week we asked GUERRE what the first CD he ever bought was.

“I think the first CD I ever bought was something by the Beatles…I don’t remember which album specifically….I must’ve been 12-13 at the time and it was the first time I could exert my own ‘taste.’

I think the Beatles is something nice to start with, and as a young boy you can be really susceptible to pop sensibilities, because they are easy to understand and highly rewarding emotionally. I haven’t listened to anything by the Beatles for years now, the attraction to their sound has vanished and I don’t revisit it unless it’s maybe for sentimental value, but even then I rarely revisit old albums.

I think it helped with my musical experience in its mere presence in my life. It doesn’t influence me to this day but it feels like a sort of default ‘gate-way’ drug, it was definitely the first door to open.

I think I was enjoying music passively at the time, as a sort of pure enjoyment and entertainment as opposed to the kind of ‘analysing’ that happens now. It was innocent music and i think it was appropriate at that age for me to be listening to that type of music.

So yeah, that was the first album I bought….”

Here is Guerre‘s debut album in all of it’s experimental glory, Ex Nihilo.

Ex Nihilo will be available through iTunes on July 4 with thanks to Yes Please. | |


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