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LANKS: Thousand Piece Puzzle EP [Review + Stream]

Words by Vicki Winter.

Sword wielding butchers, confronting moral lessons and tragic ocean legends are but a few of the tales you will uncover on LANKS‘ mesmerising debut EP, Thousand Piece Puzzle.

LANKS is the enigmatic solo venture of Melbourne child Will Cuming, aka Farrow’s beloved front man, and what began as playful games and sketches with his housemate, somehow turned into 6 tracks of blissful enjoyment.

Inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle, first track ‘Boniki’ sets the scene with hypnotic hooks and dreamy vocals which spin the very web you will be ensnared by for the remainder of the record. ‘Rises and Falls’ is the chosen single, for very good reason. Cumings expertly entwines ambient beat poetry with the haunting vulnerable vocals of an unknown female artist in this dreary tale.
‘The Butcher’ has a Chet Faker-esque layer to it, recounting gruesome myths of murder in a husky voice over repetitive melodies is a certified winner.

The pick of the album ‘Green Light’ has a softer approach and is the ambient ballad of the six tracks. The goose bump inducing talents of the mysterious female vocalist blend meticulously with Cumings again in such sweet harmony, pouring straight through your subconscious.

The eerie heartbeat of ‘Knife and Spear’ guides you through the electronic storytelling on this track… Lyrics “she sliced him to pieces with a knife” is guaranteed to haunt you into the subsequent silence. The album fades out with the organic drums and synths of ‘Lady Elliot’ which Cumings divulges is intended to allow your imagination to run wild. So let it.

Rating: ★★★★

LANKS is playing in Melbourne at The Grace Darling Hotel on June 20th, and Sydney at Upstairs Beresford on June 27th, we suggest you don’t let this folktronica fabulist pass you by…

Show the man some love and go buy his EP from Bandcamp.

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