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Kasabian: 48:13 [ALBUM Review]

Words by Jacqui Wonder.

Kasabian return in 2014 with the refreshingly direct and raw 48:13, with signature Kasabian sound stripped right back – right down to the album cover made up simply from album/song lengths and an offensive shade of pink (I love it).

This album will spoil you for unforgettable guitar riffs, basslines with persistent momentum and vocals that drift somewhere between Oasis and The Stooges. As their fifth studio album the production on 48:13 is what sets it apart from anything that has come before it, for which you can thank a far more confident and experimental style from songwriter, guitarist, vocalist and producer Sergio Pizzorno.

‘Bumblebeee’ is classic Kasabian, punk flavours, Tom Meighan alternating between crooning and exploding vocals, relentless bass and guitars, you will be jumping/banging/yelling in the time it takes to turn the volume up to 100. ‘Stevie’ is a personal favourite with theatric strings setting the scene for a fast-paced, punk laden storytelling building to this anthemic chorus with those same theatric strings and Meighan’s vocals soaring through lyrics “And all the kids they say, We’ll live to fight another day, We’ll live to fight again.”

‘Treat’ is the marathon track of the album at almost 7 minutes long, made up really of what is a modern, edgy take on classic Kasabian in the opening minutes and outro-ing via a kaleidoscopic, experimental instrumental. Said instrumental sets the scene for more subtle, inventive tracks like ‘Glass’ and ‘Explodes’ where the production is really the hero.

You’re faced with a wall of great music to enjoy these days, hundreds of singles and EPs released daily through the magic of the interwebs. So it’s a special day when you can sit down (or jump up and down) and enjoy an album in it’s entirety; a carefully created masterpiece that has been designed as one whole thing. Plus there’s a bit more special sauce when said album features the raw, punk offerings of classic Kasabian.

Rating: ★★★

Grab a copy of now through iTunes.

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