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Mountain Bird: Cosmos II [EP Review]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

Mountain Bird‘s brand new EP, Cosmos II, has finally descended upon us and ushers in more of the transcendent indie pop that we have come to expect from the Swedish group. As first single ‘The Visitor’ attested to, frontman and songwriter Adam Öhman has a knack for capturing the essence of those quiet moments where we find ourselves looking in. This introspective quality is demonstrated across the five tracks, shining most brightly on ‘Prison’, where the subject of emotional and mental captivity is intricately explored.

Sonically, Cosmos II is all about rapid, palm muted guitars, airy, melancholic vocals and gentle chords. Celestial and pensive, this is a record that prides itself on setting the mood and allowing the listener to submerge themselves under soothing pad synths and haunting organs, like on the sublime ‘Satellites’. Elsewhere, an elegant piano guides you through the mellow drum pattern and hushed tone of ‘Cosmos,’ whilst ‘Hospital’ hypnotizes with the harmonies created by Öhman and guest Nuoli. Their voices glide alongside each other with an avian sensibility, graceful and serene, further adding to the overall dream like vibe of the EP.

With this thoughtful, mesmerizing effort, Mountain Bird continue to establish themselves as a band to keep your eyes and ears out for. Their brand of reflective lyricism simmers slowly through production that is otherworldly and alluring, providing a listening experience not soon forgotten.

Rating: ★★★☆

Pick up Cosmos II now from iTunes.

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