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LINCOLN: Undone [New Sounds]

Words by Jacqui Wonder.

LINCOLN is a haunting, beautiful talent you wouldn’t expect to find in the emergency room in her daylight gig as a nurse, after listening to this you might expect to find her onstage next to the likes of Florence + the Machine or London Grammar.

‘Undone’ is the debut single from LINCOLN‘s forthcoming EP Visions of a Fading Light, and it will immediately intrigue you. Hannah Reid-esque vocals haunt and grab you from the outset, followed swiftly by tribal drumming akin to Florence + the Machine that will get your heartrate up and racing.

The arrangement of ‘Undone’ creates a dark undertone to LINCOLN‘s gorgeous vocals, which around the three-minute mark take on a sci-fi tone of their own – I cannot wait to see what the rest of this intriguing EP holds.

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