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My First CD: Yuksek

In 2013, French producer Yuksek started up his own record label called Partyfine, and this week he is releasing the label’s first compilation album, featuring a stack of artists now under his wing.

VillaThe Alexanders and Clarens all make an appearance, and there’s even a few tracks from the man himself, including a couple from one of his other projects, Peter & The Magician.

Last week we asked Yuksek what inspired him to start making music.

The first CD I bought with my own money was De La Soul ‘3 Feet High and Rising.’

I was deep into skateboard culture back then, and there were two music genres, and two behaviours crossing each other in the skateparks and on the videos; cool hip-hop vs grunge. Like many of us, I was on the both sides, but this album is still one of the ones I listen to. I like hip-hop but dislike this ghetto-bitch-money-gun spirit and De La Soul has always been on the bright side with guys like Beastie Boys, LL Cool J and a few others. I think those guys are clever, which maybe makes the difference.

My favourite song of the record is without a doubt ‘The Magic Number,’ but the album has to be heard as a concept, something that only a few artists did on that scene. The cover itself does the job, it’s really original and different from what was the norm those days. I can call this album sweet-revolutionary!

Here is De La Soul with ‘The Magic Number’

And here we have a sampler of Yuksek‘s compilation album, Partyfine Vol.1

Partyfine Vol.1 is available now from iTunes. |

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