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Hercules & Love Affair: The Feast of the Broken Heart [Review + Stream]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

Whoever came up with the old saying of “bad things come in threes” clearly wasn’t banking on the fact that that one day, Hercules & Love Affair would release a third album as scrumptious as The Feast of the Broken Heart.

This time around, Andy Butler helms a project full of fabulous, retro house vibes that is boosted all the more by the phenomenal guest vocalists. With a sound much livelier than what was present on Blue Songs, Butler and his collaborators traverse a soundscape thumping with techno and acid house influences. The arrangements feature weaving synths, brooding bass, rhythmic vocal samples and irregular syncopated beats that ensure one gets lost in the groove.

The featured artists shimmer radiantly against the production, reaching the heights that past collaborators like Antony Hegarty, Nomi Ruiz and Kim Ann Foxman soared towards. Singer/songwriter John Grant adds a darkly romantic edge to ‘I Try To Talk to You,’ whilst Krystle Warren’s honey coated voice illuminates the defiant ‘My Offence.’ Elsewhere, Marie Rouge oozes sensuality on ‘The Key’ and Belgium’s Gustaph creates magic on ‘That’s Not Me’ with his androgynous timbre.

The marriage of throwback dance elements with vocalists that bring rich emotion to The Feast Of The Broken Heart make it yet another winner for Andy Butler. His exploration of varying musical influences continues to excite and drive us to the dancefloor, making his next outing all the more anticipated.

Rating: ★★★★

Pick up your own copy of The Feast of the Broken Heart now from iTunes. |

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