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SBTRKT: Temporary View (ft. Sampha) [New Single]

Words by Vicki Winter.

Strawberries and cream, socks and shoes, SBTRKT and Sampha – What do they all have in common?

They were simply made for each other, and this latest collaboration from the two artists, proves it with utmost certainty.

‘Temporary View’ begins in an undeniably SBTRKT manner, with bright synths and a glitchy beat, but the instant Sampha’s soulful vocals glide over the top, your stomach is sure to do a giddy flip.

Lyrics “Why would I want to be anywhere else” and “wake my desire” reflect tales of lustful obsession, reinforced through the flawless swelling production. The song is sure to ensnare you throughout its blissful 3:27 minutes.

SBTRKT has just made the final release of his instrumental Transitions EP, which can be streamed in full through here.

While this EP has tided us over for now, we are hopeful that ‘Temporary View’ is but a small taste of what this masked crusader has in-store for us all – and although we cannot confirm, with a bit of luck it will include both strawberries AND cream. |

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