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My First CD: Joe Seaward, Glass Animals

Over the last few months, I’m sure a lot of you have heard some of the new tunes from UK tetrad Glass Animals, but have you heard their debut album ZABA yet?

To the excitement of many Glass Animals fans around the globe, ZABA was released yesterday, and just ahead of this, we touched base with the Glass Animals drummer Joe Seaward, and asked him what the first CD he ever bought was.

“The first CD I ever bought was the single for RUN DMC vs Jason Nevins – ‘It’s Like That.’

I was watching ‘Top of the Pops’ one day and saw these crazy dudes with Afro’s break dancing, and Rev Run was there….it was sort of nuts. Then I saw the video which was even better than the ‘Top of the Pops’ performance, it’s such a classic. Youtube that shit. It basically made me feel very cool when I bought it in HMV. I couldn’t break dance, in fact I knew nothing about ‘dance’ music. The dude behind the counter probably thought it was the funniest piece of business he’d ever done.

I haven’t actually listened to it for a while. I did just put it on for the purpose of this, as I still have the CD (it’s really scratched). It’s not a bad first ever CD you know…I’m quite pleased. There is a wicked break in the middle. My first CD could have been Madonna‘s Like a Virgin, which was Drew’s (MacFarlane) first ever CD. That would have been embarrassing. Which I guess is why I am telling you about my first ever CD and he is not.”

We did YouTube that shit because, that’s just the way it is UMMMMF!

And from that, to this – ‘Gooey’ by Glass Animals

Glass Animals’ debut album ZABA is out now through iTunes, with thanks to Caroline / Wolf Tone. | |

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