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The Acid: Liminal [Review]

Words by Renee Meznarsic.

Take three-parts talented artists (English DJ/producer Adam Freeland, Australian artist/producer Ry X, and American producer/composer/professor of music Steve Nalepa), combine their unique and complimentary musical styling’s into a band called The Acid, and simmer until you have a soft, clean minimalistic debut album called Liminal.

Ever since the release of their four-track EP a few months back, with absolute ripper of a single ‘Basic Instinct,’ I have had a big interest in The Acid, and have been genuinely excited at the prospect of giving this bad boy a listen. However, it had also worried me that I’d potentially set myself up for failure with all this pre-album hype. Fortunately for you and I – this was not the case.

What ensues is a delightfully sombre, beautifully minimalistic and clean cut debut from the boys. Liminal really is the most apt name for this album, it definitely creates a floaty vibe and makes you feel you’re in a kind of limbo-like state.

The album opens with the howling track ‘Animal,’ a slow and steady building piece, which croons of loneliness and sings of a desolate place. Second track Veda picks up the pace a little, but not too much – never straying too far from the ambient chill-zone you have been involuntary thrust into.

Third track ‘Creeper’ has a very tense and thumping beat which you may call a little erratic, but in an endearing way. This coupled with lyrics “I want to love you like a creeper” really sets an uncomfortable (again – endearing) zone, but is an enjoyable change of pace from the previous lull.

Tracks ‘Animal,’ ‘Ra,’ ‘Basic Instinct’ and album closer ‘Feed’ are a couple of standouts for me, but nothing seems to leave a bitter taste in my mouth after a few listens, which is a very nice and very unique debut quality to have.

Overall Liminal is a wonderful release and a really beautiful listen. Imagine The XX but more chill (didn’t think that was possible did you?) Simplicity at its best, never over-doing any sound and allowing thorough enjoyment from start to finish. Definitely someone to catch if you’re headed to Splendour in the Grass in July, or if you’re lucky enough to head to one of their sideshows.

Rating: ★★★★

Liminal will see its release on July 15, but pre-orders are now being accepted through iTunes. | |

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