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StéLouse: The City EP [Review + Stream]

Words by Michael Hutchinson.

StéLouse (pronounced ‘Stay Loose’) is US producer Ross Ryan, who in the past two months has dropped remixes of TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’ and Route94’s latest hit ‘My Love,’ plus two EPs. The EPs offer sounds at opposite ends of the electronic spectrum; Home touches on a 90s house-vibe, whilst The City explores the sounds of the decade prior, and trap futuristically mashed together.

It opens with the cracking ‘Joyride,’ which resembles what one might hear if they jumped into Diplo’s car for a cruise to the beach. Diplo would be in the driver’s seat of course, and there’d be bikini-clad babes in the backseat. While at the beach thumping around a coloured blow-up ball, ‘Sixteen’ would be blasting from a boombox. It’s summery and bright and I’ve now a hankering for a sherbet-dipped soft serve cone from the Mr Whippy van stationed in the carpark, and for further enjoyment, Ryan might entertain the idea of remixing the track with the vocals from Kim Carnes’ ‘Bette Davis Eyes’ (trust me on this).

‘T-Shirt’ is an urgent cascade of disco balls crashing onto a mirrored dancefloor, with a fine edging of soul, as though Kill Paris and Trippy Turtle are hosting a Studio 54 reunion.

The EP concludes with the title track ‘The City,’ and it could well be a saxophone refrain (is that you, Kenny G?), although I’m no instrument aficionado. It’s a calm change from the hustle of the previous sounds. Either way, each track is nothing short of fun.

Rating: ★★★☆

StéLouse‘s The City EP is available to download for FREE right here.

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