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My First CD: Joakim

Just a few weeks back, French producer Joakim released his latest musical offering Tropics of Love, which was awarded ★★★★ from us here at acid stag.

From such a great album, with so many styles and influences, we hit up the man with the big question; Where did your life & love of music begin?

I’m wondering if the first music I bought was a CD or a cassette. I’m pretty sure it was a cassette actually. That was the Walkman-era, and just before I passed my drivers licence – which is where I would listen to my cassettes.

Yes that’s quite late for a first musical purchase, but before that I was not really listening to anything else than classical music and the occasional pop records that my parents would play (Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, Leonard Cohen).

I bought my first cassettes when I understood music was a way to approach girls at school. So that first cassette was probably the ‘Jimi Hendrix Concerts’ – I’ve listened to that cassette so many times. I guess that’s something that got me into jazz a little later, because Jimi Hendrix live is basically Jazz!

I also remember the sound of this cassette, especially Mitch’ Mitchells drums that sound like a perfect hip-hop sample. Looking back Jimi Hendrix‘s music incorporates a lot of things that are the core of what I like in music: the funk, the psychedelia, the visceral improvisation, the noise, the blues.

Tropics of Love is available now from iTunes. | |

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