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Daze: Contrast EP [Review + Stream]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

There seems to be no shortage of quality electronic music coming from France, with a bevy of producers and DJs intent on making the world dance to their elegant brand of disco, funk and house.

Now joining the ranks is Daze, who follow up 2013’s vibrant extended play, S.O.L.A.R with the exquisite nu-funk opus, Contrast.

More relaxed than his previous offering, Contrast is nonetheless sunshine crammed into four tasty tracks. Things get off to a swanky start with ‘Leaning Off Your Love’, a delightful mish mash of 90’s R&B and funk. Guest vocalist A’maal Nuux transports us to 1995 with her sweet runs and sassy ‘I made you’ attitude, as Daze steers through an arrangement drenched in rhythmic bass and the occasional chopped and screwed ad lib.

‘Show Me,’ with its talk box infused hook and slight percussive elements takes on a cooler disposition before the temperature is raised to scorching on ‘With You’. The EP’s most upbeat entry, it comes closest to matching the energy showcased on S.O.L.A.R with its sizzling synths, contagious groove and vocoder laced vocals. As Contrast draws to a close, ‘Hey!’ hits you with an initially icy intro that gives way to a simmering crescendo before things descend into a luxurious and calming finale.

With just four tracks on offer, its impressive that Daze manages to showcase such versatility on Contrast. As it stands, it’s a rollercoaster ride of sounds and emotions that ensures consecutive repeats.

Rating: ★★★★

Pick up Contrast now from iTunes.


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