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Claap!: Dimanche EP [Review + Stream]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

Like many things French, Claap!‘s debut EP is enchanting and chic, seducing with relative ease thanks to the laid back, summery essence of the title track and Santana‘s syrupy guest vocals.

‘Dimanche’ (French for Sunday) starts off nicely, an infectious bassline and steady handclaps snaring the listener with ease as its disco infused groove worms its way into one’s ear, making its way down the spine and towards the feet. As Santana takes over the track with her effortless, romantic tone, the language of love works its magic and proceeds to enamor, even if you have no clue as to what the lyrics are about.

‘Muddy Boots’ is the second cut found on the EP, and takes things up a notch with a more uptempo, house friendly vibe. Once again, Santana is on hand to lure the listener deeper into the mix.

Closing things out is the Mike Simonetti remix of ‘Dimanche’. The New Yorker delivers a moodier take on the original, opting for driving rhythmic layers that encompass his well known ‘ebb and flow’ style.

With two blissful original cuts and additional remixes, the Dimanche EP is a gratifying experience that introduces you to fine Parisian club offerings from the multi-talented Claap!

Add the sophisticated warbling of songbird Santana, and you end up with a record that can be described as très bon!

Rating: ★★★☆

Pick up a copy of the EP now from iTunes.

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