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DMA’s: @Goodgod Small Club, May 22 [Gig Review]

Words by Aaron Taylor.

Last night, Newtown’s favourite brit-pop revivalists, DMA’s, kicked off their much-hyped self-titled EP tour with a sound too big for such a small club. The core trio expands to a functional six-piece for their live shows, which was then crammed onto the small stage at Goodgod Small Club in Sydney.

The capacity crowd all came to see why they’ve been blasted over FBi Radio and Triple J airwaves recently, as well as their feature in this month’s Rolling Stone, and with an ocean of hype behind the boys, it’s safe to say they surely didn’t drown.

Emerging from the darkness a quick “How ya goin?” broke the silence. With no time to reply an acoustic guitar charged in with the opening to ‘Feels Like 37,’ a song that whilst is entirely new, feels strangely nostalgic. The band breaks down during this number to the singer’s bare Manchester-esque vocals and thumping acoustic guitar; giving us insight into how it would have sounded when the song was originally conceived.

Another notable track was the radiating optimism of ‘Your Low,’ mainly due to the enthusiastic guitarist’s hooky-lick which he plays with emphatic energy. The song also held strong with memorable lyrics like “It’s alright cos’ when you’re blind, you’re never gonna see her again.”

The strongest tracks of the night came with their sing-a-long anthem ‘Delete,’ and their set closer ‘Play It Out.’

‘Delete’ featured a huddle of the band jamming out the closing chords as a background to the arm-raised fans screaming “don’t delete ma baby!” and immediately following that sweaty karaoke session, the faster-paced ‘Play It Out’ left the audience wanting more to a fast-lived hour-long set.

On the night the band took the chance to showcase some newer songs, not featured on the recent EP. It shows that where their promising EP leaves off, there is still a solid future for the band with the introduction of a track like ‘Lay Down,’ which could feature on an inevitable album.

Rating: ★★★★

Score a copy of DMA’s self-titled, debut EP now from iTunes. |

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  1. julia love says:

    after reading this review, cannot wait to see them live!
    nice one DMA’s and saaaweeeeeeet review Az.

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