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Ben Khan: 1992 EP [Review + Stream]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

Already amassing a strong following, Ben Khan‘s dazzling examples of futuristic pop gems have been accompanied by equally enthralling visuals, and now, his first EP is finally here.

Living in a world where artists are expected to offer up their souls in order for an audience to connect with them, it’s refreshing to note that Ben Khan remains rather enigmatic. An anomaly in the pop realm, this allows his music to be the focus of one’s attention, rather than the details of what he has had for breakfast.

The four tracks that make up 1992 are interstellar fusions of dark, alternative electro pop, with a sensual dose of R&B, courtesy of Khan’s mellow yet charismatic tone. ‘Youth’ starts things off nicely with its irregular beat, soft pad synths and sampled yelps as the multi tracked vocals transcend into a state of bliss, whilst ‘Savage’ resonates with its reverb laden synth line and complimentary bluesy guitar licks.

‘Drive, Pt.1’ serves as the highlight of the EP, as here is where Khan is at his most provocative. With flirtatious suggestions of ‘driving around town, getting up to no good’ and having drug fuelled sex in the back seat, it’s the perfect way to close out things out and leave you aching for more.

Mystery intact, Ben Khan‘s ascendance is sure to continue. The taste test he’s offered via 1992 is one that’s impossible to resist, and his sound’s intoxicating effect will surely have fans yearning for more.

Rating: ★★★★

Pick up a copy of the EP now from iTunes. | |


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