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Kitsuné Club Night @Civic Underground, Sydney [Review]

Words by Jacqui Wonder.  

There’s only a few things that will get me to leave the comfort of my hermit shell after an all night international flight, and as it turns out a party with a line-up consisting of Pyramid, my total girl crush Chela and party favourites Clubfeet DJs, Cassian and Midnight Pool Party, is among of those things – I was completely blown away last Saturday night at Kitsuné’s Club Night in Sydney’s Civic Underground.

Sydney locals Midnight Pool Party came out drums ablazing with an epic intro, as the five-piece quickly launched into a hip-gyrating, hand-clapping disco funk. With Jamiroquai-like charisma throughout the whole set, lead vocalist Darren Morilla turned it up a notch to close the set and launch into recent single ‘Linger’ at which point there’s not one person standing still, and the dancefloor (well, we called it the Disco Pit) is shoulder to shoulder.

Clubfeet DJs kept the Disco Pit busy with a set full of crowdpleasers, but it was Chela who stole hearts with a set full of originals like ‘Romanticise’ and ‘Plastic Gun,’ and of course her exercise shorts. Chela pulled out a swag of dance moves and charisma which had all of the boys and girls swooning and trying to hit those high notes in ‘Romanticise’ right along with her.

Pyramid took the stage following a bouncy, dynamic set from Cassian, and despite five solid acts through the night so far, it was as though the party had finally arrived the second Pyramid emerged from the smoky stage, with a bass and synth laden intro akin to Kavinsky. An hour full of sexy, futuristic French electro climaxed with Pyramid‘s own fist-pumping track ‘The Phoenix’, and a crowd going legit crazy for the sexy Frenchman.

Just when you thought you’d seen everything the night had to offer, Vance Musgrove (one half of Canberra duo and triple j residents The Aston Shuffle) pokes his head out for a full-on, amazing DJ set, with most of the night’s performers having a groove right there alongside the revelers in the Disco Pit.


This Kitsuné Club Night tour wraps in Bali’s Warehouse 82 later this month, but next time you see these guys in town, you should beg/borrow/steal/legitimately buy tickets and get your dancing shoes on. | |

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