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My First CD: Luke Million

Everyone knows Adelaide producer Luke Million for his insanely infectious, disco funk grooves, but have you ever wondered where those grooves came from?

We touched base with Luke last week to ask that exact question, and you probably would never have guessed that he began as an angsty grunge-kid.

My first ever CD purchase was a double purchase!… Silverchair “Frogstomp” and The Offspring “Smash”. 

I actually went through a ‘grunge’ phase for about 12 months when I was at school. My mates and I used to go jam in the music centre at lunchtime playing Nirvana, Silverchair and The Offspring. There wasn’t exactly much keyboard action in that genre, so I jumped behind the drumkit, and also had a crack at guitar.

It was an interesting musical period of my life…very far from the synth laden disco I immerse myself in today!

I grew up in Newcastle and spent many hours rocking out to this one myself.

I for one am glad Luke Million found his way into disco. Here’s an exclusive mix he produced for acid stag last week. | |

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