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My First CD: Chela

Melbourne songstress Chela will be heading to Perth and Sydney this weekend for the Kitsuné Club Night Tour, and I was able to score a few minutes of Chela’s time to have a quick chat, and ask her how it all began.

The first CD I ever bought was Tyrannosaurus Hives by The Hives. I was 16 years old, and they became my favourite band from that moment on. Most people would know ‘Two Timing Touch’ and ‘Broken Bones’ as their most popular song from that album, however my favourite song on the album is ‘A Little More for Little You’. I was going through the darkest period in my life at the time, having moved to a new city and experiencing my family break apart because of it. I turned to punk rock and drugs. Both things helped me get through that time, as well as almost killing me. My all-girl punk band in high school was heavily influenced by The Hives. I’ve always been inspired by Pelle’s stage presence and how tight the band are live.

I met them for the first time this year at the Adelaide Big Day Out (we were there to play an after party). I was quite nervous but I introduced myself to them, and thanked them for being a big part of my teenage-hood. I looked deep into Pelle’s eyes and felt instant romance, do you think he felt it too?

Umm, I’m pretty sure he did – have you seen Chela? Such a babe!

Chela’s ‘Romanticise’ seems very apt after that story.

Kitsuné Club Night tour details:
: Kitsuné Club Night Australian Tour – PERTH
WHOPyramid, ChelaBack Back Forward Punch and Flower Drums
WHERE: The Bakery – 233 James St, Northbridge
WHEN: Friday, May 16

WHAT: Kitsuné Club Night Australian Tour – SYDNEY
WHOPyramid, ChelaCassianMidnight Pool PartyClubfeet DJs + a very special guest DJ
WHERE: Civic Underground – 388 Pitt St, Sydney
WHEN: Saturday, May 17

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