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Someplace Else: a short film by Corona Extra

Someplace Else is the new Mexican adventure short film, directed by Riley Blakeway and brought to you by Corona Extra, celebrating the subcultures that sit hand-in-hand with the Corona Extra lifestyle.

They hand-selected a diverse group of individuals to embark on the ultimate road trip down the Mexican coast. The group made up of surfers Ozzie Wright and Dylan Graves, skateboarder Andrew Brophy, musician Hanni El Khatib, artists Rose Ashton and Jeff Canham, were all piled into a transporter bus for 7 days and 7 nights, documenting their Mexican journey, meeting the locals and eating, living and drinking the Mexican culture.

The results speak for themselves. For the next 12 minutes, climb on into the bus with the crew, and experience Corona Extra‘s, Someplace Else. |


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