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Joakim: Tropics of Love [Album Review]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

French producer Joakim delivers his latest effort, Tropics of Love and shows off his ability to construct a lush sonic world out of almost nothing. With the aid of his sampler, microphone, synths and a computer, the Tigersushi label founder lures you into a realm of exotic, chic house and rousing electronica, ensuring a feast for the ears.

What fascinates most about Tropics of Love is the way that it can go from sounding sterile and digitized one moment, to rhythmic and organic the next.

As the introductory ‘Chapter 1’ slinks by with its robotic effects and grey ambience, follow up ‘Bring Your Love’ blooms with its tribal drums and the fervent singing of The Rapture‘s Luke Jenner. Akwetey from Dragons of Zynth livens the minimalistic production of ‘Each Other’ with his unique timbre, whilst the pulsating ‘Heartbeats’ resonates with its deep breathing effects and android like vocals.

As one makes their way through the stirring synths, tinkling keys and ambient electro grooves, there are plenty of reasons to be impressed by the production, especially on the album’s closing moments. The beautiful, jazz tinged ‘Man Like Moon’ glistens with glittery bells and sensual brass that also mesmerizes on the striking cover of Neil Young’s ‘On The Beach’.

Tropics of Love is yet another example of Joakim‘s immense talent and affinity for music. The skilled layering of the arrangements makes for an overall elegant record that teases and excites, guaranteeing a richly decadent experience.

Rating: ★★★★

Tropics of Love is available now from iTunes. | |

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