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Single Sessions: Volume Three

LoftyLows – Shapes & Sounds

The National Pool – Make Our Own Stars

Clarens – Trust

Jon Hopkins – We Disappear (ft. Lulu James)

Jimmy Q – Kingdom (ft. Berhana)

Alex Barck – Re-Set (ft. Pete Josef)

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  1. LabMarx says:

    Single session is a great place to be on a Wednesday afternoon.

    Why is LoftyLows – Shapes & Sounds so smooth with their laid back horns? This has been the perfect warm-up to what has otherwise been a standard day that’s just disappeared. These sounds by LoftyLows have very ‘chill beats and horns’, which could be another title for this track, that would be if Lofty was looking for one? Speaking of disappearing, any Jon Hopkins remix is sure to rate an instant approval, and on a hump day with a Lulu James feature is an added sweetener.

    National pool – Make your own Stars is really taking things up to that synth out zone. It’s like its been crossed with The Knife in slow-mo and a bit of epic background strings for measure from Moby in happier days. Clarens ‘Trust’ doesn’t push it too far either and builds up to keep the vibe nice and smooth.

    The standout of the Volume Three Single Session is Alex Barck – Re-Set (ft. Pete Josef). Yes please and thank-you. I mean, its Wednesday after all, time to get our groove on, right? So why not re-set and get moving with some nice little rock-out tune? I know it’s a lot of questions, but hey, I just feel like dancing now – and I agree, now I’m feeling good and I’m smiling – so thank-you for reminding me to breath.

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