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Friday MixTape #195

There’s only one more thing you have to do today, and that is press PLAY.

Friday MixTape Download

1. Miami Horror – Colours In The Sky (That’s Nice Remix)
2. Jam Xpress – I Love You So (ft. Charlie) (Yasumo Remix)
3. The Swiss – In the City
4. ANORAAK – Remote (Rework)
5. Nile Rodgers – Do What You Wanna Do (Silversix Remix)
6. The Aston Shuffle – No Place Like Home (ft. Kaelyn Behr)
7. MyKill & Walker – Back Again
8. Motez – Own Up
9. Lloyd – Get It Shawty (Gryffin Remix)
10. weakling – be jealous
11. Iñigo Vontier & Dan Solo – Baila Para Mi
12. Secondcity – I Wanna Feel (Frames ‘Late Night Dub’)
13. Airwolf & Jasper – Girls To Jump
14. Bodhi – I Need You
15. Terace – Halfway (LO’99 Remix)
16. Gorgon City – Here For You (Bingo Players Remix)
17. Röyksopp & Robyn  – Do It Again (Issac Christopher Remix)
18. Simian Mobile Disco  – Parson’s Nose
19. Metronomy – Reservoir (Jacques Le Cont Remix)
20. Wolfram – Talking To You (ft. Andrew Butler)


acid stag presents: Deep In The Alley

This June long weekend, acid stag is curating a night full of party vibes at The Standard in Sydney, showcasing some great upcoming Aussie talent, as well as introducing the first members of our new Acid Stag DJ collective.

Kicking off the night will be rising Brissy producer cln, performing his infectious blends of downtempo grooves, just before Sydney electro-pop divas Sun Comes Out Twice As Bright take over the stage.

Then headlining the night with their disco-funk awesomeness will be the one-and-only, Midnight Pool Party.

I am also very excited to announce the first two Sydney-based Acid Stag DJ members ARDIE and LEMOND, who’ll be behind the decks throughout the evening, keeping your feet moving and your booty shaking.

Over the coming weeks we will be announcing more members of the Acid Stag DJ collective, in Brisbane and Melbourne.

WHAT: acid stag presents: Deep In The Alley
WHERE: The Standard – Level 3, 383 Bourke St, Surry Hills
WHEN: Sunday, June 8
TIME: 8pm to 2:30am
TICKETS: Free Entry

acid stag presents - Deep In The Alley - Midnight Pool Party - cln Acid Stag DJs_poster


StéLouse: The City EP [Review + Stream]

Words by Michael Hutchinson.

StéLouse (pronounced ‘Stay Loose’) is US producer Ross Ryan, who in the past two months has dropped remixes of TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’ and Route94’s latest hit ‘My Love,’ plus two EPs. The EPs offer sounds at opposite ends of the electronic spectrum; Home touches on a 90s house-vibe, whilst The City explores the sounds of the decade prior, and trap futuristically mashed together.

It opens with the cracking ‘Joyride,’ which resembles what one might hear if they jumped into Diplo’s car for a cruise to the beach. Diplo would be in the driver’s seat of course, and there’d be bikini-clad babes in the backseat. While at the beach thumping around a coloured blow-up ball, ‘Sixteen’ would be blasting from a boombox. It’s summery and bright and I’ve now a hankering for a sherbet-dipped soft serve cone from the Mr Whippy van stationed in the carpark, and for further enjoyment, Ryan might entertain the idea of remixing the track with the vocals from Kim Carnes’ ‘Bette Davis Eyes’ (trust me on this).

‘T-Shirt’ is an urgent cascade of disco balls crashing onto a mirrored dancefloor, with a fine edging of soul, as though Kill Paris and Trippy Turtle are hosting a Studio 54 reunion.

The EP concludes with the title track ‘The City,’ and it could well be a saxophone refrain (is that you, Kenny G?), although I’m no instrument aficionado. It’s a calm change from the hustle of the previous sounds. Either way, each track is nothing short of fun.

Rating: ★★★☆

StéLouse‘s The City EP is available to download for FREE right here.

Boy & Bear: Get Up & Dance Tour

In case you hadn’t heard, Sydney’s Boy & Bear are hitting the road in September for a string of shows around the country, and with Sydney and Melbourne already selling out, it’s proving to be one tour not to be missed.

B&B have just added two more shows, at Melbourne’s Palais Theatre and the Sydney Opera House, so if you’ve been procrastinating, stop it. Go get a ticket now.

WHAT: Get Up & Dance Tour
WHERE: Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Albany, Bunbury & Fremantle
WHEN: September 3 to September 28

Boy & Bear - Get Up & Dance Tour - acid stag_poster |


Space Captain: Remedy [New Sounds]

Introducing Space Captain, a hip-hop/soul collective (approx. 8 members) based out of Brooklyn, New York City.

By combining their creative juices with subtle hip-hop beats, and a soulful electronic production, they’ve delivered their impressively pleasing new single ‘Remedy,’ the first to fall from a forthcoming debut EP.

Space Captain is also a member of Anomaly Konglomerate; a collective of composers, producers, rappers, vocalists, and instrumentalists, devoted to providing high quality hip hop/soul music. More details on that project can be found here. |

My First CD: Joakim

Just a few weeks back, French producer Joakim released his latest musical offering Tropics of Love, which was awarded ★★★★ from us here at acid stag.

From such a great album, with so many styles and influences, we hit up the man with the big question; Where did your life & love of music begin?

I’m wondering if the first music I bought was a CD or a cassette. I’m pretty sure it was a cassette actually. That was the Walkman-era, and just before I passed my drivers licence – which is where I would listen to my cassettes.

Yes that’s quite late for a first musical purchase, but before that I was not really listening to anything else than classical music and the occasional pop records that my parents would play (Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, Leonard Cohen).

I bought my first cassettes when I understood music was a way to approach girls at school. So that first cassette was probably the ‘Jimi Hendrix Concerts’ – I’ve listened to that cassette so many times. I guess that’s something that got me into jazz a little later, because Jimi Hendrix live is basically Jazz!

I also remember the sound of this cassette, especially Mitch’ Mitchells drums that sound like a perfect hip-hop sample. Looking back Jimi Hendrix‘s music incorporates a lot of things that are the core of what I like in music: the funk, the psychedelia, the visceral improvisation, the noise, the blues.

Tropics of Love is available now from iTunes. | |

Sam Smith: In the Lonely Hour [Review]

Words by Jacqui Wonder.

In the Lonely Hour is indeed for the lonely hour, when you are rueing heartbreak and pining over other people’s lovers. Sam Smith‘s vocals are the absolute highlight across the whole album, which is a shining tribute to 80’s and 90’s R&B/Pop vocalists, and the albums through which they poured their heart out.

Of course lead single ‘Money On My Mind’ has to get a mention; if for nothing else, that it’s a vocal obstacle course of sorts with falsetto, an electronic tonal chorus and a soulful ornamentation decorating the verses, but then it’s also a surefire mood changer, able to take you from 9-to-5 doldrums, to dancefloor shenanigans.

However the dance hits like ‘Money on My Mind,’ as well as the collaborations with the likes of Disclosure and Naughty Boy, are the tip of a genre-crossing, urban, pop, soul, blues, gospel and R&B-inspired iceberg. You’ve already seen evidence of this with the soulful, one-night-stand motivated tune ‘Stay With Me,’ and maybe you’ve also heard the heartfelt and goosebump-inducing ballad ‘Leave Your Lover.’

If you like goosebumps, and just generally beautiful tracks full of soul and simple instrumentation that allow gorgeous vocals to tell their love stories, ‘I’ve Told You Now,’ ‘Like I Can’ and ‘Good Thing’ are must plays.

In a music scene that is dominated by electro-anything and abstract themes, this is a remarkable album for it’s simple focus on love, loneliness, heartbreak and more than anything, outstanding, beautiful vocals and songwriting.

Rating: ★★★★

In The Lonely Hour is available now through Sam Smith‘s own webstore. |

Best Youth & Moullinex: In the Shade [Single + Video]

Basically everything Moullinex touches turns to gold, and his brand new collaborative single with fellow Portuguese-natives Best Youth, is no different.

‘In the Shade’ is a pure example of magnificent disco-pop, with summery-warm infectious beats and pulsing synth, layered with the soft welcoming vocals of Best Youth‘s Catarina Salinas.

‘In the Shade’ is to be part of a forthcoming album titled T(h)ree vol 3 – From Portugal to Japan and South Korea, which is a cultural project that joins musicians from Portugal and several asian countries, in unique musical partnerships. More info on this project can be found here. | |

Chromeo: White Women [Review + Stream]

Words by Jacqui Wonder.

White Women is an instant fan-pleaser, turning on that distinctive two-step, disco sound that Chromeo have carved out their own long-lady-legged shape in, with plenty of tongue-in-cheek for good measure.

Tracks like ‘Jealous (I Ain’t With It),’ ‘Frequent Flyer’ and ‘Fall Back 2U’ are instant dancefloor bait, but with overtures and vocals that sound a little too familiar, it feels like the Chromeo boys haven’t stretched themselves that far. ‘Come Alive’ is more of an evolution for the duo with Toro Y Moi‘s chill-wave roots showing some influence.

Hit tracks off the album are two of the big collaborations; the first, ‘Lost on the Way Home,’ standing out with Chromeo‘s signature use of synth and funky bassline, combined with the contrast of Solange‘s earthy vocals and Dave 1‘s electrified singing. Second is not really a track at all, but rather an interlude named for collaborator Ezra Koenig (of Vampire Weekend) – ‘Ezra’s Interlude.’ The instant Ezra’s haunting vocals come through your speakers you’ll be intrigued, add some keys, and slowly build with some light synth, a beat here, and bit of bass there, it’s an interlude that builds and ends far too quickly.

All-in-all, Chromeo once again show they know their craft and how to please their fans, and clearly having loads of fun doing it, whilst continuing to evolve by collaborating with some of the big names in the biz.

Rating: ★★★

White Women is available now from iTunes. | |

Airwolf & Jasper: Girls To Jump [New Single]

Melbourne producers and long-time buddies, Airwolf and Jasper, have teamed-up for a new disco-fuelled, dancefloor funk jam ‘Girls To Jump,’ and I dare you not to move while listening to it.

Fingers crossed the boys have some more collaborative material up their sleeves, because it obviously works really fucking well.


Lauryn Hill: @VIVID Live, Sydney [Review]

Words by Jacqui Wonder.  

There’s a special hype you get seeing a show under the sails of the Sydney Opera House…and when you’ve battled through tourists and families that are moving like slow, stupid sheep through Circular Quay to get to that shiny beacon glittering in VIVID Sydney animations, it becomes an angst-fuelled buzz – really pretty appropriate for when you’re seeing a firecracker like Lauryn Hill.

So buzzing under the sails and the kind of anticipation of finally seeing a childhood hero, (I bought The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill as one of my first albums), I was instantly hooked when Hill and her nine-piece band opened with a totally jazzed, funked up arrangement of ‘Killing Me Softly.’ The energy was running high for the next half hour as Hill conducted her band, and the audience through funkified arrangements of hits from The Miseducation of…such as ‘Everything is Everything,’ ‘Final Hour’ and ‘Lost Ones.’

I was hanging on for a straight delivery of soulful tracks like ‘To Zion’ and ‘The Ex-factor,’ songs that show off Hill’s vocal gifts in contrast to her rapping; that can still only be described as a total weapon. Whilst these two tracks weren’t quite the soulful delivery I was hoping for, the powerful renditions on the night were like celebrations and left me high on the energy coming off the stage.

As though Hill could feel the desire in the room for some of her old school originals, it didn’t take long for the DJ, bassplayer, keyboards, and drummers to take a break from stage duties, while Hill took up acoustic guitar and revisited her MTV Unplugged hits like ‘Mr. Intentional’ and ‘Oh Jerusalem.’ Saying an audience is spellbound is cliché I know, but what else to call the people I saw with jaws on the ground and giving the stage their unblinking attention?

A Lauryn Hill concert would of course not be complete without visiting her time in the Fugees, and launching into tracks like ‘Zealots’ and ‘FU-GEE-LA’ had everyone up on their feet bumping on grinding. For the few people left in their seats, a blast of lights and the iconic intro to ‘Ready or Not’ had the entire audience jumping, screaming, cheering, clapping, grinding…you get the picture.

At this point I was grinning ear-to-ear, on a drug-like buzz from the 90 minutes Hill, and her band had assaulted our ears and eyes – anything else to me was just gravy. So another arrangement of ‘Killing Me Softly,’ a straighter delivery with more emphasis on Hill’s vocals, and then finally the track all the ladies in the crowd had been waiting for, ‘Doo Wop (That Thing)’ of course, officially and completely blew me away. Hill’s kids even cameo’d during ‘Doo Wop (That Thing)’ as she delivered the closing bars and left the stage with them.

So with my mind blown and reflecting on the night, with the raw energy with which every single song was delivered, the inventive rearrangements, the passion that Hill conducted her band with, the gorgeous, strong vocals throughout and down right assaultive rapping she delivered, I can say this is pretty much the best concert I’ve ever been to.

Rating: ★★★★★

CLARENS: Trust [Music Video]

Directed by Jean Sylvain Le Gouic (one half of Juveniles) is the video for ‘Trust,’ the stunning debut single from French electro-beats producer Ousseynou Cissé, aka CLARENS.

Delicate beats are set against smooth R&B feels, washed-out synth and CLARENS‘ sweetly intoxicating vocals, creating the perfect dreamscape now with its and moody visual partner.

‘Trust’ will resonate inside you, and demand a constant repeat.

Trust’ is part of a new compilation titled Partyfine vol. 1, released via Yuksek‘s label, Partyfine.

Alexis Taylor: Without A Crutch (2) [New Single]

Alexis Taylor, the voice of UK synth-pop crew Hot Chip, has announced he is releasing a 12-track solo album next month titled Await Barbarians, and today we have the second track to come from it.

‘Without A Crutch (2)’ leaves all of the Hot Chip synth-pop styles behind as it takes on a gentle low-key, ballad-esque form, similar to its predecessor ‘Elvis Has Left The Building,’ and setting the scene for what we can expect from, Await Barbarians.

– the video is a bit boring, but the song makes up for it.

Await Barbarians is out on June 13, and if you pre-order a copy now from iTunes, you’ll get an instant download of ‘Without a Crutch (2).’ |


Collarbones: ATLANTIS 2014 EP [Stream]

As promised last month, Sydney R&B-funk seducers Collarbones have delivered their latest five-track collection of tunes they’ve labelled, ATLANTIS 2014.

They treated us to the EP-track ‘Burnout’ back in April, leaving many of us a little bit moist in anticipation of the tracks to follow, and today those people can indulge in the smooth, sensual beats of Collarbones.

ATLANTIS 2014 is available for a ‘name your price’ deal via the duo’s Bandcamp page. | |