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Movement: MOVEMENT EP [Review + Stream]

Words by Jacqui Wonder.  

Sydney trio Movement have offered up their self-titled debut EP for all nocturnal prowlers looking to be seduced by their DJ. With The Weeknd’s right hand man Illangelo on hand for production honours, the trio’s efforts have some silky-smooth, sexy results.

Try not to drift off to sexy daydream land with opening track ‘Like Lust’, you’ll be consumed by that expansive synth, reverbing cymbals, and caramel dulcet crooning of Lewis Wade, all with an adulterist, dark undertone akin to Black Vanilla and Darkside (whom they’ve just supported on tour as it so happens). ‘Ivory’ is once again seething in said dark tones and smooth, velvet vocals, but bringing in a rock edge with some serious electric guitar work.

‘Control You’ begins as a more subtle track, percussion, synth and production coming together to put Wade’s vocals (and heavy breathing) in the spotlight, which on this number are reminiscent of a seductive track from the likes of Seal or Boyz II Men, particularly with lyrics like “I undress you with my eyes”. But Wade’s partners in crime, Sean Walker (percussion, samples) and Jesse James Ward (bass, synths) turn it up a notch in the second half of the track, demonstrating why Movement are an act for all electro, ambient, soul, pop, rock and R&B fans.

A solid debut EP from the Movement boys, that you will likely have you needing a cold shower afterwards.

Rating: ★★★★ | |


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