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ZHU: The NIGHTDAY EP [Review + Stream]

Words by Jacqui Wonder.  

Since dropping his funk laden Outkast remix medley in time for their Coachella return, with a quick and cheeky follow-up in ‘Superfriends’, ZHU has been enjoying an internet fanfare despite keeping his identity somewhat of an enigma.

We’ve already gone all woo-girl over ‘Faded’, ‘Paradise Awaits’ and the aforementioned ‘Superfriends’, which as lead singles set the stage well for the electro-RnB and house driven EP. However there’s a fairly obvious distinction between the three already released tracks off the single and the remaining ‘Stay Closer’, ‘The One’ and ‘Cocaine Model’.

Where the former three revelled in light, breathy, almost helium-enhanced vocals, ‘Stay Closer’ and ‘The One’ have pointedly brief and repetitive vocals, instead focused on beats, with chopped up layer upon chopped up layer, creating kaleidoscopic, modern dance tracks. Neither of these tracks would be out of place as the soundtrack to a sweaty, messy, drug fuelled, late night dance floor writhing in slow motion.

‘Cocaine Model’ is another evolution of ZHU‘s style, a little Cyril Hahn in flavour with light, spacey synth and vocals with lyrics made of sexy times. ZHU adds dynamic riffs in the style that is fast becoming the basis of his ‘signature’, bringing it back to the character of The NIGHTDAY EP but varied enough to give a girl hope for what this talented producer might do next with an evolved style.

Rating: ★★★★

The NIGHTDAY EP is available now from iTunes. | |

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